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Fri 01.04

3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Overalls: Underexposed

I haven’t worn overalls since I was 8 years old (they were green corduroy and I wore them everyday with my roller skates). I don’t usually think it’s a look that everyone can pull off but in leather these 3.1 Phillip Lims seem more grown up. Unless you’re under 20, though, steer clear of the […]

Fri 12.21

Largest Accessories Auction Ever: Hermès Heaven

Fact: Birkins are better than a 401k. They’re seriously the best retirement fund you could have. The classic bags easily liquidate at current retail, and since prices increase regularly (in 2001, a 30cm Birkin cost a mere $4,500 – now it’s at $8,700), you’ll literally be pocketing extra money (not that I would ever sell […]

Wed 12.12

12 Most Popular Bags of 2012: A Bag Snob’s Dozen

I’ve rounded up the most popular bags of the year based on your Likes, Tweets, and comments. One for each month of the year! Love them or hate them, these incendiary (sometimes literally – I haven’t forgotten what you did to the Birkin, Francesca Eastwood!) bags were on the tips of our lips. Have fun […]

Fri 12.07

Lego x Hermès Birkin?!

This is adorable! Ok, so it’s sort of fake but for once I will actually enjoy myself with Legos instead of pretending I don’t want to stick my head in a toilet (have you tried building 1500 piece Star Wars aircrafts?!). At $400 it’s pricey for a toy but considering it is a functioning bag, […]

Fri 12.07

Seoul’s New Bag Museum: Handbag Heaven

Why didn’t I think of this?! Not only is this a museum full of bags – the museum itself is a bag! The mastermind behind this grand palace is Kenny Park, the CEO of the Korean bag supplier for Marc Jacobs and other top designers, and all I have to say to him is thank […]

Mon 12.03

Carl’s Crush Gift Guide: It’s a Man Snob’s World

The ultimate Man Snob Michael Carl (that’s Carl’s Crush to you) just posted his gift guide on Vanity Fair’s website today and not a moment too soon! Men are notoriously hard to shop for, so here are some of the fashion market director’s chicest suggestions. Donate your guy’s tired old nylon duffel bag and treat […]

Sun 11.25

Five Essentials: eBay Edition

We are so excited to partner with eBay, my late-night addiction and secret spot for snobby scores. Even more fun than buy-it-now shopping is surfing the auctions! It’s such a thrill to witness the last few minutes of an auction in real time. I have a system: I place an early bid on an item, […]

Mon 10.29

Hèrmes Jewellery-Bags: The Rose-Gold Rush

One year ago, the peerless – but often geometry-obsessed – Pierre Hardy submitted his sketches for the Hèrmes Jewellery-Bags, and the jewelers’ reactions were less than positive. All maintained that a true hybrid of bag-jewelry could not be done. But done it has been, and so brilliantly at that. The accessories designer has succeeded in […]

Thu 09.06

MYHABIT.COM- Fashion’s Night Out Vintage Bag Sale

Are you excited for FNO tonight? I will be working in NYC (filming for the massive China site– plan to shop online on before I brave the city streets (internet shopping on FNO is an excellent idea if you’re not into crazy crowds!) For FNO, the addictive shopping site is hosting a special […]