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Kate Spade
Tue 01.12
La Vie En Rose Quartz

La Vie En Rose Quartz: Stop and Smell the Roses

There’s no need to spend a fortune on the most beloved color of the year. Rose quartz isn’t just a shade of pink that’s easy on the eyes and uplifting to the spirit. Soft and unassuming, it’s a color that looks good on every skin tone. It’s also just about everywhere right now!

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Tue 12.22
Top 5 Food and Cocktail-Inspired Bags

Top 5 Food and Cocktail-Inspired Bags: Eat, Dress, and Be Merry!

It’s that time of year when we have feasting and drinking on the brain (much to our New Year’s resolution-fueled January 1st selves’ chagrin). Why not playfully put this on display with our accessories? When everything is lit up brightly enough to hail a spaceship, your usual boxy, black tote seems tired. Wire up with a tasty treat! And while these kitschy bags may seem frivolous, some are actually more practical than expected – making the holiday hangover just a little less painful.

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Wed 12.16
Camera Clutches

Camera Clutches: Picture This

As much as I love my iPhone (maybe too much, in fact!), I’ve been making a point to lug around my Canon Rebel t5i as of late. When it comes to capturing special moments like my boy’s drama performance and piano recital, I want the images to be crisp and clear; and while smart phone cameras have come a long way, poor lighting may keep even the most sophisticated of iPhone photographers from getting that once-in-a-lifetime, split-second shot.

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Mon 12.07
Top 7 Ugly, Kitschy Bags

Top 7 Ugly, Kitschy Bags: Holiday Horrors

For all the whimsy and bedazzlement the holidays bring, there’s a flip side to the festivities. We want our stockings to be stuffed with glamorous goodies and sophisticated little somethings, but for every item that’s easy on the eyes, there’s a bag that makes for a mild attack on the senses. Here, my pick of the bags you ought to watch out for in case you’ve been very bad this past year…

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Tue 11.17
Top 7 Instant Bag Updates

Top 7 Instant Bag Updates: Bag-Toppers and Stocking-Stuffers

We’ve all been there: As classic our tastes usually are, at times we want to join the latest craze and have a bit of fun. But fun often comes at a high cost. That Fendi monster bag you’ve seen everywhere? Sure, it’s a good time now, but in a year or two you might find yourself questioning that moment of insanity.

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Wed 10.28
Top 5 Tween-Worthy Bags Worth Splurging on For Your Daughter

Top 5 Tween-Worthy Bags Worth Splurging on For Your Daughter

There is nothing more difficult than getting a mother and a pre-teen or teen to agree on something. But when it comes to fashion and bags, you might have a rare chance at a consensus. I asked my daughter for help on this one…

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Mon 10.19
Top 5 Manic Monday Bags

Top 5 Manic Monday Bags: Wacked Out

Maybe it’s the fact that the wildest day of the year is rapidly approaching (have you got your costumes ready?) or perhaps it’s just fashion’s ongoing love affair with all things irreverent, unexpected, quirky, and off-the-wall, but I’m feeling wacky this Monday.

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Tue 10.06
Bag Chat with Tina

Bag Chat with Tina: Six Trendy Bags Under $500 You Must Own Right Now

The latest topic for my Vogue China column, “Bag Chat with Tina,” is bags that will brighten up your wardrobe without breaking the bank. I’ve found the best bags of the season that are both on-trend and on-budget because shopping for multiple styles is so much more fun than picking just one.

Tue 09.15

Top 5 Umbrellas: When It Rains, It Pours

I’ve lived in LA for most of my life; no one here owns umbrellas, but it’s El Nino this year so you’d better gear up. As for the rest of the world, you know the drill!