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Mon 02.06

Kotur Margo Hicks Blue Valentine Clutch: Fine China

Tidbit about me: I’m a china collector. I actually collect it for friends; Kelly has a nice set from Tiffany’s I sent her every birthday and Christmas piece by piece (when she started receiving them, she asked, “What are you, my grandmother?” lol). I love a good China pattern! But never thought I’d love it […]

Fri 11.18

KOTUR x J.Crew Union and Colony Clutches: A Fine Union, Indeed

Fiona Kotur makes the very best minaudieres. Inspired by her seemingly innate sense of retro glamour and her love of a good high-low, modern-traditional mix, Fiona’s maiden namesake brand blends effortlessly elements like exotics, metals, weaves, and unexpected patterns, often at super-accessible prices to boot. Now KOTUR has taken the concept of blending to a […]

Tue 05.17

Kotur Summer Clutches: Haute Kotur

Hello again, Kotur! I welcome you back in my life with open arms. Your out-of-this-world summer collection of clutches has me all revved up! I’ve performed the difficult task of narrowing them down to three favorites. Now I just can’t decide which one I want to carry first. The clutch is where it’s at when […]

Tue 04.19

Kotur “Morley” Sueded Snakeskin Clutch and Emi Jorge “Symphony No. 5″ Clutch: Buried Treasures

Who can resist a little under-the-sea enchantment? Sure, I’m always hesitant about the bag that could read as gimmicky or too costume-party (a Judith Leiber clutch resembling a sparkly Dalmatian puppy comes to mind). But in colors so vibrant and materials so delicious, these are like graspable jewels. Emi Jorge‘s burnished gold serpent tentacles look […]

Fri 01.21

KOTUR 50% off Bag Sale!

Don’t miss out on Red Carpet favorite bag designer Fiona Kotur‘s sale this weekend. Gorgeous exotic clutches up for grabs, all at 50% off! I have my eye on this pool blue python Kittenplan clutch above made of supple soft matte python. Its rounded shape holds so much and will make a great day clutch, […]

Sat 12.11

Kotur Private Sale-Dec. 14-15

I wish I was in New York for this event. I don’t arrive until the 20th (sob). If you are in town, you must check out this amazing sale!

Tue 02.24

Oscar Red Carpet Bags

I was at Mr. Chow’s Oscar party (coverage of that later) which I am actually still recovering from so excuse the delay of this story (and yesterday was my birthday so there is a lot to recover from, mainly my age!!). I am happy to see that people are paying more attention to the clutch […]

Mon 02.02

KOTUR “Astier d’Abo” Valentine’s Clutch

This gorgeous sparkling red clutch will glamourize any outfit this Valentine’s day. Fiona Kotur Marin has created a special edition Astier d’Abo Valentine’s Day clutch for her KOTUR collection that makes for a perfect piece in any Valentine’s gift guide. Like many of KOTUR’s Spring 2009 designs, the Astier d’Abo special edition clutch is made […]

Wed 01.14

Kotur at the Golden Globes

Forget scaling back and carrying boring non-descript bags just because we’re in a full blown depression. Kotur makes amazing bags at affordable prices because let’s face it, we love beautiful things no matter the economic state! Look at these gorgeous minaudieres and python clutch embellished with jeweled flowers made of swarovski crystals ($498). More than […]