Fri 01.11

Loewe Amazona Leather and Suede Tote: The Loewe-Down

All you snobs know I’ve long been a fan of Madrid-based luxury house Loewe and their understated way with luxury, so it’s about time they finally hit the American big leagues on Net-a-Porter! No surprise their bags are already selling like hotcakes on the site. If you’re still new to the lure of Loewe and […]

Wed 10.31

Penelope Cruz: Flying Flamenco

As a globetrotting celeb, Penelope Cruz knows that it’s best to keep it casual when running around airports. More power to women who can rock 6” heels and short dresses when traveling, but I just can’t get behind it! My flight style is like Penelope’s – loose-fitting and warm clothes. The Pan Am glamour-puss days […]

Tue 03.06

Loewe Fall 2012 Collection: Spanish Romance

  Stuart, oh, Stuart, how you make a snob’s heart pound with desire. The Creative Director, who is a London transplant, has gotten deeply in touch with the classic Spanish house of Loewe – on an emotional level, it seems – for Fall 2012. Age-old leather techniques have been appropriated by Vevers for a thrilling […]

Mon 01.30

Snob Exclusive: LOEWE Bags on Moda Operandi tomorrow!

I am a huge fan of designer Stuart Vevers and love what he’s done with Loewe, one of the world’s premier and most luxurious brands. In fact, the Loewe boutique in Madrid is a favorite store of mine (from scarves, belts, to drool worthy bags and ready-to-wear, they have it all!), but back home in […]

Mon 10.31

Something Worth Gossiping About: Leighton Carries the Loewe Amazona Bag

We always knew Blair was a major bag snob at heart. On the set of “Gossip Girl” on Friday, Leighton Meester’s ultimate uptown princess livened up a cream-centric winter outfit with a punchy blast of a bag. The Loewe Amazona, which has been around since the seventies, is cementing its status once again as a […]

Wed 10.12

Loewe Spring/Summer 2012 Collection: Loewe Hits a High Note

In the four short years since Stuart Vevers became the Creative Director at Loewe (after leaving Mulberry), he has delivered one hit after another and revolutionized the Madrid-based luxury house. After viewing the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Vevers is fast becoming one of my favorite bag designers. Last year’s versatile May bag has been copied by […]

Tue 07.05

Loewe “Flamenco” Bag: Loewering the Bar

Madrid’s venerable house of Loewe has produced luxury goods since 1846. And it has recently been on a real handbag hot streak! (The “May” bag is utterly divine!). But I’m sorry to say their latest effort, the “Flamenco” bag, flops – literally. A modern take on their emblematic eighties bag, it is, admittedly, a nice […]

Mon 06.20

The Five Essentials Featuring Cher Coulter:

Any woman with a savvy, modern sense of dressing would kill to have creative genius Cher Coulter style her. Cher’s uniquely sensual yet effortless aesthetic has made her one of the top stylists in the game. The London native and co-founder of menswear line AKA now splits her time between NYC and LA, helping the […]

Fri 03.25

Loewe “May” Bag: Spanish for Luxe

I just can’t get enough of Loewe bags lately! The Spanish design house has been up-and-coming stateside for some time now, mainly thanks to the iconic “Amazona” bag. Those who found the “Amazona” too structured for their taste will love the looser “May” bag. Less boxy and equally versatile, it has inherited Loewe’s trademark streamlined […]