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Tue 10.20
Loewe V Shoulder Suede

Loewe V Shoulder Suede Bag: To the Letter

This, my dear Snobs, is a serious game-changer for Loewe. The suede V shoulder bag, clearly named after the recurring triangular shape showcased on the unexpected calfskin strap, makes for a bag unlike anything else you own – or anything we’ve seen, for that matter.

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Loewe V Shoulder Suede
Loewe V Shoulder Suede
Mon 10.12
The 5 Best Busy Women's Bags

The 5 Best Busy Women’s Bags: Where Fashion and Function Meet

We suffer for our bags. There are bags so beautiful I’m willing to destroy every arm and shoulder muscle just to carry them around all day. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Then there are those days when we have to be function-savvy, first and foremost…

Thu 10.08
The Snob's Definitive Designer Directory

The Snob’s Definitive Fashion Designer Directory

Can’t keep up with who’s designing for which brand? In the high fashion world’s ongoing game of musical chairs, it can be overwhelming to keep track of the creative minds behind the brands.

Tue 09.29

Top 5 Current Striped Bags: The Bottom Line

From the looks of the Spring 2016 runways in Milan, striped bags are continuing to reign on for seasons to come. Prada went so far as to showcase an ample variety of variations on the stripe, including thick blocks, metallic exotics, and shots of bold color.

Fri 09.25
Loewe Calfskin Clutch Bag with Shoulder Strap

Loewe Calfskin Clutch Bag with Shoulder Strap: True Value

This may look like nothing more than a nothing bag, but sometimes barely anything can translate to a whole lot of wear. There isn’t much going on, but the simplicity is the story here – and therein lies the appeal. The details of a Loewe bag can only be appreciated when things aren’t too complicated.

Wed 09.09
Loewe Flamenco Small Petal Bag

Loewe Flamenco Small Petal Bag: Petal Pusher

If you’ve had the pleasure of owning a Loewe bag, you will understand the instant addiction to their soft, delicious, luscious leather that comes with it. You will also be obsessed with this petal-accented version of their classic Flamenco bag.

Wed 09.02

Top 5 Squared-Off Bags: Boxed In

If you feel like you’re being boxed in, you may be right. The current feel of bags is definitely going the way of a perfectly cubed shape. A boxy design, especially in the form of a shoulder bag, is great because it’s not an actual hard box, so it’s way more versatile for everyday.

Thu 07.16

Top 7 Gender-Bending Bags: Boy, Oh Girl

Why should the term “gender fluid” apply only to people? It’s high time we have bag equality for all! Menswear is a huge trend for the girls. Just look at style-chameleon Anna Dello Russo, whose menswear is par for the course.

Wed 05.27
Loewe Woven Tote Bag

Loewe Woven Tote Bag: Loewe and Behold

If the rainbow woven Loewe looks familiar, that’s because I just featured it recently. I try not to repeat or recycle posts, but this tote has been on my must-list all season, and I love the way it looks with this outfit!