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Thu 03.06
Trend Report

Trend Report: Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 Shoes

Which is your favorite shoe trend from Paris Fashion Week?

Wed 03.05
Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 Collection

Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 Collection: Quiet Riot

No pressure or anything for Nicolas Ghesquière. He was only granted the task of taking the reins at one of the most prestigious French houses in the world, in time for Fall 2014. Not that the beloved Ghesquière, he of much-praised Balenciaga fame, doesn’t come with quite a pedigree. But any time there’s a shift in power and a change in creative direction, one must tread carefully.

Mon 12.23
Louis Vuitton Louise and Vivienne Bags

Louis Vuitton Louise and Vivienne Bags: How Logo Can You Go?

Check out the latest incarnation of the famed and long-lived LV logo. It has evolved from the allover monogram to an unabashed blast of precision-perfect hardware. Look familiar? It reminds me of the YSL logo clasp. The resemblance is actually uncanny, as it’s essentially the same concept. But something about Louis Vuitton’s initialized closure reads just a tad more grown-up.

Fri 12.06
Cara Delevingne Wears Monogrammed Fendi

Cara Delevingne Wears Monogrammed Fendi: Custom Nation

Maybe it’s all the competition out there. Maybe it’s because we’re tired of seeing ourselves – and our accessories – coming and going. Or maybe we’re just coming around to the long-lived fact that nice things feel even nicer when they’ve been customized.

Thu 11.07
Louis Vuitton vs. Balenciaga

Louis Vuitton vs. Balenciaga: Ghesquière’s Next Chapter

From the enigmatic and avant-garde to the upbeat and ladylike (and oft monogram-laden): While both have storied histories, the house of Balenciaga could not be more different from mega-brand Louis Vuitton. Yet the wise choice of Nicolas Ghesquière to succeed Marc Jacobs was of no surprise to me.

Tue 10.22

For the Birds: Snob or Slob?

In a time when so many bags look alike, it’s nice to see designers come up with truly original pieces. Okay, maybe you don’t love these or want to carry them…they got your attention, though, didn’t they? Tom Ford’s has more goose feathers than a down pillow! To some this might say boho chic, yet others are sure to think Big Bird.

Wed 10.02
Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 Collection

Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 Collection: Paint It Black

The biggest buzz at Paris Fashion Week: the rumor that Marc Jacobs is set to depart Louis Vuitton after 16 years at their helm. While confirmed immediately after the show, all the attendees, myself included, hoped the rumor wasn’t true. Not that the show itself didn’t send the message.

Thu 09.05
Top Travel Sets

Top Travel Sets: Keep Calm and Carry-On

After having my Louis Vuitton luggage stolen and lost several times over, I’ve learned to check the most nondescript luggage when I travel. How to distinguish from other, equally subtle suitcases on the belt? I tie on bright-colored (and slightly tacky) ribbons. Trust me, no one wants to grab a suitcase covered in Christmas tinsel.

Thu 08.22
Louis Vuitton W & Capucines Bags

Louis Vuitton W & Capucines Bags: Monograms & Michelle

For their Fall 2013 campaign, Louis Vuitton chose everyone’s favorite pixie-sporting actress, Michelle Williams, to model its must-have bags. With her white as snow skin and deep red lips, she’s the picture of sophistication – a true LV girl. Yet the true stars of the show are, of course, the bags.