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Marc Jacobs
Thu 02.11
NYFW Designers Love Cutler and Gross

NYFW Designers Love Cutler and Gross: We’ve Been Framed

What do Rihanna and Madonna have in common other an affinity for French kissing their BFFs? Cutler and Gross! The British eyewear brand has quickly become a celebrity favorite, and with their sophisticated, lightweight glasses, it’s no big surprise.

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Mon 02.01
How to Do Chic Maternity

How to Do Chic Maternity: Anne Hathaway x Marc by Marc Jacobs

Anne Hathaway’s been out of the limelight lately, as she prepares for the arrival of her first baby, but all it takes is one stellar red carpet appearance to remind the world of just how chic and fabulous you really are – especially when pregnant. There’s nothing wrong with plain old maternity wear for these occasions, but I love when women make non-maternity clothes work in spite of their growing bellies…

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Tue 01.05
New Bag Trends for 2016

New Bag Trends for 2016: The Big Kick-Off

Let’s start off the New Year right by taking a look at the trends that are going to take over the upcoming months. All things fun and fabulous are definitely in store. A feeling of exuberance and optimism can be seen everywhere, which makes me happy. I can already tell this is going to be a stellar year for fashion – and for life! to be a stellar year for fashion – and for life!

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Wed 12.30
Top 10 Cures for the Blues

Top 10 Cures for the Blues

The word “blue” has gotten a bad rap in modern times, particularly in American culture. Blue Christmas, the Monday blues, singing the blues, heck, blue balls…I could go on until I’m blue in the face! In reality, blue is the most uplifting color of all. Just look to the sky on a bright, sunny day. It’s an instant mood-enhancer, just like crystal-clear blue water.

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Mon 12.21
Top Trends Turned Classics

Top Trends Turned Classics: The Theory of Evolution

I remember in the ’90s, I wouldn’t wear a skinny jean if you paid me (well, actually, that would have depended on your price). It was all about a hip-slung bell-bottom or a nice, stiff boot cut – thanks, Earl Jeans. Now, the great thing about the 21st century, and the fast-paced digital information age that’s come along with it, is trends never really die or fade into obscurity because they keep coming back so quickly. So much so that even some of the trendiest of trends have evolved into bona fide classics.

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Wed 12.02
Top 5 Must-Try Primers

Top 5 Must-Try Primers: Prime-Time Slot

If you wear foundation without a primer, you may want to reconsider your beauty routine. You can wear primer by itself, but trust me, do not wear foundation on its own. Here’s why: If you wear foundation on naked skin, all of that foundation just oozes and sinks into your pores, fine lines, and wrinkles – and makes them bigger. It’s like pouring cement into sand! Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s the same idea.

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Tue 11.17
Top 7 Instant Bag Updates

Top 7 Instant Bag Updates: Bag-Toppers and Stocking-Stuffers

We’ve all been there: As classic our tastes usually are, at times we want to join the latest craze and have a bit of fun. But fun often comes at a high cost. That Fendi monster bag you’ve seen everywhere? Sure, it’s a good time now, but in a year or two you might find yourself questioning that moment of insanity.

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Tue 11.10
Not Your Garden Variety

Not Your Garden Variety: Everything’s Coming Up Floral

From the darkly romantic to the bright and cheery, everything is coming up floral this season. There’s nothing new about florals, per se, but what’s fresh about this bouquet is the attitude. It’s unconventional, unexpected, and off the beaten, blossomy path.

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Fri 10.02
Top 5 Squared-Off Bags

Top 5 Squared-Off Bags: The Box is Tops

I prefer structure over schloppy, floppy bags. But sharply boxy bags are not always functional. They can be unforgiving at your side, difficult to get in and out of, and hard-edged to the touch. Not the latest bunch!