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Tue 02.05

Ashley Greene Lunches with Mulberry Del Rey

Ashley Greene was out and about in West Hollywood recently with friends and her Mulberry Del Rey tote. This bag is named after the designer’s (Emma Hill) favorite singer, Lana Del Rey and is from the brand’s Spring 2013 collection. It gives an uber glam feel with classic lines and touches of gold. Wear this […]

Fri 01.25

Mulberry Valentine’s Alexa Satchel: Roses are Red…

And so is Mulberry’s Valentine’s Day limited edition Alexa bag! Overall, I’d say the reincarnation is a subtle nod to the holiday – nothing about it screams February 14th, but that’s a good thing. With all of the cheesy cards and candy, a little understated chic could be a welcome presence. In fact, besides the […]

Tue 10.02

Top 5 Halloween Treats: Goodie Bags

There’s no need to go the clown route for Halloween-themed bags – these will carry you through fall looking festive and chic. I love orange, but orange and black together always screams Halloween!, so we’ve been saving these for the most fun holiday of the year. I still love dressing up; I’m going as Katniss Everdeen and […]

Tue 09.18

Mulberry Spring 2013 Collection: Garden Party

All hail Mulberry! After endless incarnations of the Bayswater, I am thrilled to discover Spring 2013 spotlights a standout bag collection from the British brand. With “English-country heritage” and a “sorbet summer palette” acting as Emma Hill’s primary inspirations, a spectrum of upbeat colors, from warm apricots to yummy caramels thawed the stage, which was […]

Fri 08.24

Reese Witherspoon Carries Fendi: Mad for Monogramming

How to make a sought-after bag even more special? Look no further than today’s muse Reese Witherspoon, who took her Fendi 2Jours Elite shopper, accessorized with an Irene Neuwirth necklace and Jimmy Choo sunglasses, out to lunch in LA on August 17th. The sharp metal frame-top and ladylike shape are striking enough, but what really […]

Tue 06.26

Mulberry Tassel Bag: Alexa’s New Look

I’m loving everything about this satchel, except the tassel. Too bad it’s called the Tassel bag. Unfortunate choice of name, and detail, aside, I’m all for Mulberry’s latest confection of leather, buckles, and studs. It still owns their classic east-west shape and modern-messenger feel, but it has now been tapered off and shortened up for […]

Thu 06.14

Top 5 Camera Bags: Point and Shoot

You know the expression, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer”? So not true when it comes to the camera-bag trend! Actually, the style is a long-standing staple, thanks to a pert shape that’s just the right size for basics, photographic or otherwise. Even if you’re a little camera shy when it comes to posing, or […]

Fri 04.06

Top 5 Grunge-Inspired Bags: Live Through This

WWD informs us that Grunge is back in time for fall. I did it the first time around– when Kate Moss was a mussed-up young thing dating Johnny Depp and Courtney Love was rocking one torn-up baby-doll dress after another. It was the 90s, I was in college and finding myself. I was all about […]

Sat 03.24

Best Summer Whites: Ride the White Wave

Winter whites make for a nice pick-me-up, but let’s be real: there’s no white better than one of the warm-weather persuasion. It’s the shade that’s made to enhance tans, offset contrasting hues, and announce to the world a new phase has arrived. Especially now. From buttery creams to crisp washes to the palest of bleach, […]