Nancy Gonzalez
Fri 04.26

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Cristina Bag: Mother of the Year

If you didn’t already love Nancy Gonzalez, you will after reading this. When her daughter Cristina asked the designer to create a bag for her hectic life as a mother and businesswoman, Nancy immediately went to work. The resulting bag is functional and chic with a detachable shoulder strap for days when you need both […]

Wed 04.10

Nancy Gonzalez Does Dallas: Everything is Bolder in Texas

Come spring, I’m craving bags in all colors of the rainbow, and there’s no one better than Nancy Gonzalez to make these Technicolor dreams come true. She’s come to Dallas, so you know I wouldn’t miss seeing her for the world, especially considering all of the sumptuous pieces she’s brought along! Take this crisp green […]

Wed 03.13

Nancy Gonzalez at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour Tomorrow!

The lovely Nancy and Santiago Gonzalez will be at Saks Fifth Avenue in Bal Harbour tomorrow March 14th from 3 to 5 pm! Nancy will be front and center on the floor with tons of one-of-a-kind trunk show wonders. The orange Cristina bag (named after Nancy’s daughter, who will also be there!) is the most vibrant of […]

Thu 02.07
Top 5 Travel Portfolios

Top 5 Travel Portfolios: Passport to Paris

I’m going to Paris later this month for Fashion Week, and I want to make sure my passport goes first-class all the way. It’s one of the best travel mementos you can have, so I like to treat it well. When rushing around in all of the chaos, your passport can get bumped around and damaged, so a stylish, sturdy cover is just what the TSA ordered.

Thu 01.24

Nancy Gonzalez Boutique Opening: From China, With Love

It has been a whirlwind of a week: I’ve spent it in Hong Kong, here to celebrate the opening of the first Nancy Gonzalez boutique at the insanely posh IFC. (From Tom Ford to Lanvin, Valentino, Prada, and Zara, it is literally a one-stop shop. I can spend days in here!) In addition to the […]

Mon 01.21

Nancy Gonzalez: New Year, New Skins

I’m in Hong Kong to celebrate the opening of the very first Nancy Gonzalez boutique in China. The expansion of the Colombian designer’s Bergdorf-based empire to the popular IFC mall is just another step in president Santiago’s plan for global crcodile domination. The savvy businessman chose Hong Kong for its international appeal and fashion-forward Snobs. […]

Thu 01.10

Top Envy-Inducing Bags: It’s Easy Being Green

Kermit had it all wrong. Whether you’re more into high-impact yellow or mighty-potent green, get ready for bright brights this spring. I’m talking retina-searing, almost blinding! The fresh hue of green is traditionally a color signifying growth and renewal in the Spring, but I’m interested in a shade that requires sunglasses. Not quite neon, but […]

Tue 01.08

Nancy Gonzalez Floral Crocodile Small Satchel Bag: Spring Awakening

Here’s a riddle for you: is exotic skin all the more exotic when it’s been snipped and layered into a bona fide bouquet? Or should something rare look just that: unique? As an object, this artfully cut arrangement of tropical flowers in the girliest of hues is undeniably a great feat of skin. It almost […]

Mon 01.07

Top 5 Savage Beauties: The Call of the Wild

I’m in the mood to get a little savage. Wilderness calls, and I’m going to answer. But am I going on safari? To put it delicately, hell, no! I’ll take my savagery in the form of an exotic bag that speaks to nature. A bag of exotic skin in all its glory or with a […]