Nancy Gonzalez
Thu 01.24

Nancy Gonzalez Boutique Opening: From China, With Love

It has been a whirlwind of a week: I’ve spent it in Hong Kong, here to celebrate the opening of the first Nancy Gonzalez boutique at the insanely posh IFC. (From Tom Ford to Lanvin, Valentino, Prada, and Zara, it is literally a one-stop shop. I can spend days in here!) In addition to the […]

Mon 01.21

Nancy Gonzalez: New Year, New Skins

I’m in Hong Kong to celebrate the opening of the very first Nancy Gonzalez boutique in China. The expansion of the Colombian designer’s Bergdorf-based empire to the popular IFC mall is just another step in president Santiago’s plan for global crcodile domination. The savvy businessman chose Hong Kong for its international appeal and fashion-forward Snobs. […]

Thu 01.10

Top Envy-Inducing Bags: It’s Easy Being Green

Kermit had it all wrong. Whether you’re more into high-impact yellow or mighty-potent green, get ready for bright brights this spring. I’m talking retina-searing, almost blinding! The fresh hue of green is traditionally a color signifying growth and renewal in the Spring, but I’m interested in a shade that requires sunglasses. Not quite neon, but […]

Tue 01.08

Nancy Gonzalez Floral Crocodile Small Satchel Bag: Spring Awakening

Here’s a riddle for you: is exotic skin all the more exotic when it’s been snipped and layered into a bona fide bouquet? Or should something rare look just that: unique? As an object, this artfully cut arrangement of tropical flowers in the girliest of hues is undeniably a great feat of skin. It almost […]

Mon 01.07

Top 5 Savage Beauties: The Call of the Wild

I’m in the mood to get a little savage. Wilderness calls, and I’m going to answer. But am I going on safari? To put it delicately, hell, no! I’ll take my savagery in the form of an exotic bag that speaks to nature. A bag of exotic skin in all its glory or with a […]

Mon 12.17

If You Must Go Black Bags: Nothing Basic About This Black

I know black is fashion’s #1 color, and while I get it, I still love a little brightness. But if you must go black, choose something embellished (just not so much so that it takes away from the reason you need a black bag – for versatility). You don’t want your bag to be a […]

Wed 12.05

Nancy Gonzalez Bergdorf Goodman Event: Candy-Coated Croc

Bergdorf’s is having a Nancy Gonzalez “Candy Event” this Thursday and Friday. Translation: tons of her exclusive candy-colored bags and clutches will be available for our tasting (I mean buying!) pleasure. The pink crocodile dot clutch bag ($1,300) is my biggest craving right now – the polka dots are like chic little gumdrops. If you […]

Mon 12.03

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Fold-Over Flower Clutch Bag: White-Hot Heat

I need a white clutch, but pure ivory always seems too boring to buy. That is, unless it’s a laser-cut exotic by Nancy Gonzalez. Leave it to the queen of croc. A beautiful (if not decadently wasteful) way to use the skin, the lacy cutout-floral effect makes her classic flap clutch thoroughly fresh and exciting. […]

Tue 11.13

Getting into Character: The Five Essentials for Victoria Grayson

Victoria Grayson is the villainess of the decade! She came back from the dead – that’s impressive (and thank God – she’s my favorite love to hate character!). On the absolutely addictive Revenge, Madeleine Stowe plays the Queen of the Hamptons to terrifying perfection. Even through the screen, her snarl gives me goose bumps. In spite […]