Fri 07.25
Prada Double and Twin Bags

Prada Pre-Fall Bags: Double the Prada Pleasure

My first Prada bag was a nylon backpack with gold chains. I wore that thing everywhere, even to class (a student needs a backpack, no?). I was so obsessed with these bags that they were one of the main topics of conversation with my girlfriends every day.

Tue 07.22
Top 5 D’Orsay Pumps

Top 5 D’Orsay Pumps: A Woman’s Right to Shoes

Few shoes are sexier than the d’Orsay pump…

Wed 07.02
Prada City Calf Medium Bucket Bag

Prada City Calf Medium Bucket Bag: City Slicker

When it comes to bucket bags, the pendulum swings back and forth on the age-old shape, from petite and sweet to bigger and boxier to as streamlined possible. However it’s approached, the bucket bag is not an easy style to carry off. The key to success is in keeping it small (to avoid awkward slouching and general sloppiness). Now Prada has revamped the style for 2014.

Tue 06.24
Prada Tessuto Camo-Print Tote Bag

Prada Tessuto Camo-Print Tote Bag: Camo Whamo!

At the moment, Prada has an entire camo collection, but that doesn’t really faze me. All it takes is one, and I’m only interested in this one.

Thu 06.19
Prada Vela Medium Backpack

Prada Vela Medium Backpack: The Pack is Back

Throwback Thursday, anyone? I remember back in the early- to mid-‘90s when Prada’s nylon backpacks were all the rage and then some…

Fri 05.30
Prada Fendi Stella McCartney Pierre Hardy

Top New Denim Dos: Blue Jean Queen

Donning denim when it’s not in the form of pants, shorts, or anything in the “bottoms” family: I was on the fence until the most recent crop of denim made its showing.

Tue 05.13
Blogger Bag Battle

Blogger Bag Battle: Say That Five Times Fast

From appearing on magazine covers and in ad campaigns to sitting front row at the most exclusive Fashion Week shows and collaborating with the hottest designers, fashion bloggers are finally receiving their rightful places among the industry elite.

Tue 05.06
Met Gala 2014

Met Gala 2014: Poof and Circumstance

Last night hundreds of fashion’s biggest stars graced the red-carpeted steps of the Met for its annual gala, including the always on-point, Oscar de la Renta-clad SJP – the brightest star of all, though, was Zac Posen.

Fri 05.02
The Five Essentials Featuring Micaela Erlanger

The Five Essentials Featuring Micaela Erlanger

Remember when we all gasped at Lupita N’yongo’s stunning Golden Globes’ gown (and pretty much every other time she appeared anywhere)? The woman behind that look – as well as those of Michelle Dockery – is Micaela Erlanger. She’s the stylist to the stars – and the best-dressed ones at that!