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Tue 05.27

NET-A-PORTER Sale: Up to 50% Off!

Now that we’re all rested up from the long weekend (or exhausted – depends on how you spent it!), it’s time to get back to work. And by work, I mean perusing the latest sales…

Mon 04.07
Rochas Cardinale Leather Tote

Rochas Cardinale Leather Tote: Ahead of the Curve

Working pastels into your repertoire is an obvious necessity come spring, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily feel like you need a round bag right about now. If you’re unsure, I’ll make it easy for you to decide: the answer is YES.

Thu 02.27

Top 5 Totes of Whimsy: Get In On the Joke

Blame it on Bambi! Totes have become way less serious as of late, and I love it. Whether the sense of caprice is delivered through the flirty print or unique shape, the message is clear: lighten up. For every stoic, somber, monochrome tote, you ought to have one that makes you smile, or even laugh. What’s the big deal? It’s time to have some fun with your big bags.

Mon 12.30
Top 5 Resort Bags

Top 5 Resort Bags: Surf’s Up

I just landed in Hawaii for winter vacation! Rich and I are renewing our vows in honor of our tenth anniversary, so this is an important trip that calls for serious shopping preparation and the right bag is always at the top of my list. Since the beach is a place where you’re allowed to be a little cheesy, I feel free to let my hair down and have a little fun picking these totes…

Mon 12.23
Rochas Leather Tote

Rochas Leather Tote: Rushing for Rochas

No hesitation here. This bag got added to my shopping cart instantaneously, without a momentary pause of consideration. My love for it goes beyond my standard obsession with bags.

Fri 11.29

NET-PORTER Sale: Up to Half Off!

Happy Black Friday! There are so many great sales going on this year, and one of the best has to be NET-A-PORTER’s end of season sale.

Wed 11.27

Sneak Peek: End of Season NET-A-PORTER Sale

Check out our sneak peek of NET-A-PORTER’s end of season sale!

Wed 10.09
Bold Gold Accessories

Bold Gold Accessories: The Royal Treatment

Between hot apple cider and the rich hues of falling leaves, it’s clear that fall is all about one thing – finding warmth. So forget about your silver shoes. This season we’re going for the gold. And not just any old gold – I’m talking the bright, shiny stuff that Cleopatra herself would kill for.

Fri 07.12
Rochas Large Leather Handbag

Rochas Large Leather Handbag: All-Time High

There is something to be said about a bag for all times, one that fits all your snob criteria. This is the bag made for busy woman who refuses to sacrifice elegance. Timeless and not trendy, Rochas’ large leather handbag is a basic, beautiful classic.