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Wed 11.27

Sneak Peek: End of Season NET-A-PORTER Sale

Check out our sneak peek of NET-A-PORTER’s end of season sale!

Wed 10.09
Bold Gold Accessories

Bold Gold Accessories: The Royal Treatment

Between hot apple cider and the rich hues of falling leaves, it’s clear that fall is all about one thing – finding warmth. So forget about your silver shoes. This season we’re going for the gold. And not just any old gold – I’m talking the bright, shiny stuff that Cleopatra herself would kill for.

Fri 07.12
Rochas Large Leather Handbag

Rochas Large Leather Handbag: All-Time High

There is something to be said about a bag for all times, one that fits all your snob criteria. This is the bag made for busy woman who refuses to sacrifice elegance. Timeless and not trendy, Rochas’ large leather handbag is a basic, beautiful classic.

Mon 06.24
Rochas Textured-Leather Tote

Rochas Textured-Leather Tote: Devil in the Details

Rochas gives minimalism a twist with secret details

Fri 05.03
Best Open Bucket Tote Bags

Best Open Bucket Tote Bags: Weekend Warriors

When you’re one the move, there’s nothing better to carry than an open bucket tote. I bring them out for serious shopping trips to avoid wasting store bags. It’s eco-friendly and chic – just imagine the envy you’ll inspire with a bright bouquet of flowers or a freshly baked baguette sticking above the bag’s edges. … Continue reading Best Open Bucket Tote Bags: Weekend Warriors

Thu 04.18

Top 5 White-with-Gold Bags: Power Couples

Nothing makes a statement like the combination of pristine white and glittering gold. A powerful pairing (especially when the white is bold and the gold comes in refrained doses), it speaks of jet-set living, leisurely days, and heated-up nights. And what’s not to like about that? Here, the most glamorous 24-karat-accented white beauties of the … Continue reading Top 5 White-with-Gold Bags: Power Couples

Thu 04.11

January Jones x Rochas Leti Bag: Let It Out

After you’ve taken in the preciousness that is January Jones’ adorable dancing toddler, I’d like to draw your attention to her gorgeous white Rochas bag. In a slouchy green top, jeans, and boots, the actress is far more casual than her perpetually dressed to the nines Mad Men character Betty. But the Spring/Summer 2013 Leti … Continue reading January Jones x Rochas Leti Bag: Let It Out

Thu 03.14

The Gold Rush: Blindingly Bright

Store your subtle metallics for another season. Summer’s motto is the brighter (and yes, the gaudier), the better. Complementing your sunny glow (whether it’s from the actual sun or a bottle), shiny designs will look their finest. But what else will their glimmer go with? Why a matching gold necklace of course! Bronzed babes never … Continue reading The Gold Rush: Blindingly Bright

Fri 03.01

Paris Fashion Week Roundup, Part 1: Mugler, Carven, and Rochas

I arrived in Paris on Wednesday to gloom and chill. But the shivers quickly evaporated, as the first show I attended was Rochas. Read more on Couture Snob.