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Tom Ford
Thu 02.11
Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: Fragrances For Your Boo

Not to sound selfish, but getting your boo a fragrance for Valentine’s Day is as fantastic a gift for you as it is for him. Scent is incredibly personal, but here are some new standouts you might want to consider sniffing out for as you look for Valentine’s Day gifts!

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Fri 02.05
Tom Ford and Burberry to Sync Runway with Retail Cycle

Tom Ford and Burberry to Sync Runway with Retail Cycle

For those looking forward to Tom Ford or Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2016 runway shows this upcoming Fashion Month, I have some disappointing news: they won’t be taking place until September. The upside? You’ll be able to buy the pieces as soon as the models step off the catwalks! It’s crazy to think that every brand isn’t doing this yet, but I have a feeling many will soon be shifting runway and retail to coincide over the next few years.

Tue 01.26
Uncommon Moto Jackets

Uncommon Moto Jackets: Leave ‘Em in Your Dust

Like so many of my lifelong fashion dependencies, my motorcycle jacket addiction began in the ’90s. I now have more moto jackets in my closet than I can count. From classic leather to unexpected tweed to more relaxed denim, in each and every color imaginable, I have one for every occasion. But there’s always room for one, or three, more. Guaranteed to complete your outfit, it’s the easiest thing to pull on without any thought.

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Tue 01.12
Tom Ford Purifying Cleansing Oil

Tom Ford Purifying Cleansing Oil: New Year, New Skin

Oil-based products have taken over the beauty world in recent years, and yet some Snobs still aren’t convinced of the virtues of fighting bad oils with good ones. Well, if anyone’s going to change your mind, it’s luxury purveyor and all-around beautiful man Tom Ford.

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Thu 12.31
End the Year With a Bag

End the Year With a BAG!: Happy New Year

After a year of great collaborations (Rag & Bone! Mark Cross! Derek Lam!), I’m closing out the year with Barbie and Vogue China. As a little girl, I loved Barbie and had everything from Barbie’s Dreamhouse to her mobile home with a pool on the roof deck. It’s been so much fun to reunite with my childhood bestie! In time for New Year’s Eve, she has a miniaturized version of our Audrey jewel box, perfect for a glam night out with Ken and friends. (Note the Asian Barbie in my honor. Wish we had these when we were kids!) Read on for more bags you’ll want by your side when you welcome in the New Year – and that you’ll want to keep carrying for the rest of 2016.

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Mon 12.28
DIY Wallet-on-a-Chain

DIY Wallet-on-a-Chain: Mind the Strap

The holiday season may be coming to a close, but there’s at least one party left – and it’s the biggest of them all! New Year’s Eve gatherings are often packed to the brim with people, so clearly you don’t want to be dragging around a hefty tote. You want to be holding a drink, dancing, and snacking on delicious little canapés (before your January 1st diet and fitness regimen officially kicks off!). That calls for a small, hands-free bag. My accessory of choice? The wallet-on-a-chain. The only trouble is that some of my favorite wallets come sans-strap…

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Mon 12.21
Top Trends Turned Classics

Top Trends Turned Classics: The Theory of Evolution

I remember in the ’90s, I wouldn’t wear a skinny jean if you paid me (well, actually, that would have depended on your price). It was all about a hip-slung bell-bottom or a nice, stiff boot cut – thanks, Earl Jeans. Now, the great thing about the 21st century, and the fast-paced digital information age that’s come along with it, is trends never really die or fade into obscurity because they keep coming back so quickly. So much so that even some of the trendiest of trends have evolved into bona fide classics.

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Fri 12.11
Lipstick vs. Lip Gloss

Lipstick vs. Lip Gloss: The Ultimate Showdown

I have yet to meet a guy who doesn’t complain about lipstick or gloss at one point or another. I went on the offense with the guy I’m dating now and mentioned this, and – of course – he was all, “you can wear whatever you want…you’re perfect.” Classic thing for a guy to say when you’re in the early stages of your relationship, but the cynical side of me thinks it’s only a matter of time before the tune changes!

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Wed 12.02
Top 5 Must-Try Primers

Top 5 Must-Try Primers: Prime-Time Slot

If you wear foundation without a primer, you may want to reconsider your beauty routine. You can wear primer by itself, but trust me, do not wear foundation on its own. Here’s why: If you wear foundation on naked skin, all of that foundation just oozes and sinks into your pores, fine lines, and wrinkles – and makes them bigger. It’s like pouring cement into sand! Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s the same idea.

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