Tom Ford
Thu 04.17
Tom Ford Small Lock-Front Crossbody Bag

Tom Ford Small Lock-Front Crossbody Bag: Undressed to Impress

Sometimes a man with the right touch can change everything (and I’m not talking about taking your night in a seductive direction). It takes the one and only Tom Ford to pack the ultimate unsexy, utilitarian crossbody bag full of sex appeal. Not only does he know what women want, he knows how they function.

Wed 04.16
Kelly Instagaram Photo

Snobgrams 4-16-14

This week, our Snob Instagrams feature a lunar eclipse, a little Tom Ford rendezvous, our favorite pup, and proof that two Chanel bags are better than one.

Fri 04.11
Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Rotating Your Handbags for the Season

I’ve started writing a monthly column for that I hope you’ll all be tuning in for! My first subject was spring cleaning, or rather, spring organizing (it’s a lot easier to organize than to give away beloved bags!). At the start of a new season, I store the pieces I won’t be wearing in boxes, and bring out all the others I’ve been waiting to carry.

Tue 03.25

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Collection

Tom Ford has just launched eight new limited edition lipsticks for spring, and they come packaged in his original white and gold cases. So psyched these are back!! Especially now that the warmer weather is coming…how chic to pull out one of these lipsticks from your purse? The collection of lip shades is called Lip Color Sheer and retails for $49 each.

Wed 02.19
Web Snob February 19, 2014

Web Snob February 19, 2014

Tom Ford pays homage to Jay-Z’s homage to him…this and other news today in Web Snob!

Mon 01.27
Year of the Wooden Horse

Year of the Wooden Horse: Saddling Up

Chinese New Year is just around the corner (January 31st!), when we leave behind the Year of the Snake and usher in the Year of the Wooden Horse. To fete the occasion, I’ve rounded up a few pieces in the Wooden Horse’s lucky colors – green and brown. Wood, lush greenery, and even a few ponies are sprinkled into the mix! What will you be wearing to celebrate the New Year?

Thu 01.23
Tom Ford Spring 2014 Shoes

Tom Ford Spring 2014 Shoes: The Power of Persuasion

Tom Ford explained the inspiration for his Spring 2014 collection with just one word – “power.” And what feels more powerful than lacing up in a sexy pair of Tom Fords, full metal heels included?

Tue 01.21
Zipper Embellishments

Zipper Embellishments: Zip It

Between all of the massive coats and boots we wear to stay warm, it’s clear that winter is the season of zippers. And while there’s definitely nothing fun about shimmying in and out of these oversized pieces everyday, I’ve found a few zipper embellishments that will revive your appreciation for the edgy sense of style that one (or 10!) of them can add to an outfit.

Mon 01.20
The Look of Love

The Look of Love: What I Heart for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is three weeks away. This may seem like a long time, but if February 13th rolls around and you still aren’t prepared for a romantic evening, you’ll wish you had planned ahead. I know you’re all busy Snobs, so I’ve done the work and found all the sexy little things needed to celebrate Friday the 14th in style!