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Tue 12.29
What You Didn’t Get for Christmas

What You Didn’t Get for Christmas: Top Bags and Shoes for a Redo

Nobody over the age of 12 gets everything they want for Christmas, right? Well, the best part of this time of year is the fact that everything is on sale – so we can go get what we want for ourselves! It’s almost a crime against the season to pass up on these crazy steals. At least you can tell yourself that, in case you’re in need of something rationalizing. Here is my list of the best bargains right now on things I’ve been wanting all year long…

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What You Didn’t Get for Christmas
What You Didn’t Get for Christmas
What You Didn’t Get for Christmas
What You Didn’t Get for Christmas
Thu 08.13

Top 5 Unexpected Canvas Bags: Yes We Canvas!

As we head towards the end of summer (noooo!), there is one thing we don’t need to leave behind. While nautical prints and caftans will have to move to the back of closet, there’s a certain fabric that gets to remain front and center: Canvas.

Fri 09.26
Zagliani Python Liberty Shoulder Bag

Zagliani Python Liberty Shoulder Bag: Liberation Movement

I don’t care how many you own; you can still never have enough basic shoulder bags that get you through the day without fuss. That being said, there’s nothing standard about the latest Zagliani bag.

Thu 09.04
Top 5 Reversible Bags

Top 5 Reversible Bags: Go Inside Out with a Bang

We ask for the ultimate in functionality from our bags, and normally end up settling for a couple of extra pockets. Dream bigger! I’m talking two totes in one. Reversibility tends to lead to a lessening in luxury, but not so with these…

Mon 06.16
Zagliani Ada Bucket Bag

Zagliani Ada Bucket Bag: Love, Italian Style

While Zagliani doesn’t always create the biggest stir with their impeccable, handmade creations, their exotic skins are supreme and the house is about as Italian as a centuries-old piazza. So I’m not entirely surprised they’ve managed to finesse the ever-tricky bucket bag.

Thu 05.01
Zagliani Deva and Gatsby Totes

Zagliani Deva and Gatsby Totes: Two’s Company

It’s been a little while since we’ve covered a Zagliani bag, and I can confidently say their new Fall 2014 collection is most definitely making me sit up and take notice once again. Recently appointed Creative Director Giorgia Scarpa (formerly of Prada and Dior), now on her third collection for the Italian luxury house, is hitting her stride. As they say, third time’s a charm.

Fri 12.27
Top Ski Bunny Bags

Top Ski Bunny Bags: Hit the Slopes in Style

Or only hit the slopes in spirit! Sometimes a vacation calls for a snowy mountain getaway over a tropical beach holiday. I’m not one to necessarily take on a Black Diamond, but I am happy to cozy up in the lodge with a mug of hot chocolate…and a winter-ready bag that looks just as good in motion as it does at my side by the fireplace.

Tue 11.05

Zagliani Python Bag: Star-Crossed Lover

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?! Maybe if Juliet had managed to nail this beauty she would have maintained the will to live, with or without her man. There are great daily bags, and then there are the great daily bags that transcend their genre. The Zagliani Romeo falls at the top of the latter category.

Wed 07.17
MarkCross_MiuMiu_MCM_BrunelloCucinelli_Zagliani_Bag copy

Top 5 Deep, Dark Burgundy Bags: Fine Wines

Moving away from the Technicolor brights of spring and summer, we plunge into rich plum wine as we look ahead to fall.