Fri 12.27
Top Ski Bunny Bags

Top Ski Bunny Bags: Hit the Slopes in Style

Or only hit the slopes in spirit! Sometimes a vacation calls for a snowy mountain getaway over a tropical beach holiday. I’m not one to necessarily take on a Black Diamond, but I am happy to cozy up in the lodge with a mug of hot chocolate…and a winter-ready bag that looks just as good in motion as it does at my side by the fireplace.

Tue 11.05

Zagliani Python Bag: Star-Crossed Lover

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?! Maybe if Juliet had managed to nail this beauty she would have maintained the will to live, with or without her man. There are great daily bags, and then there are the great daily bags that transcend their genre. The Zagliani Romeo falls at the top of the latter category.

Wed 07.17
MarkCross_MiuMiu_MCM_BrunelloCucinelli_Zagliani_Bag copy

Top 5 Deep, Dark Burgundy Bags: Fine Wines

Moving away from the Technicolor brights of spring and summer, we plunge into rich plum wine as we look ahead to fall.

Mon 05.13

Zagliani Python Large Tomodachi Bowling Bag: The Long Haul

Boring? Maybe. Amazing? Absolutely. When it comes to copious amounts of crisp, clean, uncluttered python, Zagliani is where it’s at. I have long loved their Tomodachi bowling bag, especially in its smaller size, so it’s safe to now say I will love it forever. The enduring pull of python skin in the lush, matte shade […]

Mon 02.25

Top 5 Blindingly White Bags: Come Clean

There is something about a pristine white bag that makes the heart race. By definition, white is not a contrasting color, but what better to pair with a brightly colored outfit than a starkly different bag that will stand out? Yes, these are preciously pallid, but don’t fear – they’re not as fragile as you […]

Mon 02.11

Zagliani Karung Easy Clutch: The Best Exotic Marigold Bag

The keyword here is easy. Zagliani is speaking my language. Running around everyday during Fashion Week, I just can’t handle the bulk of a huge bag. It’s exhausting to lug around! This simple envelope clutch is all I need. The interior is perfectly organized with two compartments, a coin pouch, and four card slots. Not […]

Thu 02.07
Top 5 Travel Portfolios

Top 5 Travel Portfolios: Passport to Paris

I’m going to Paris later this month for Fashion Week, and I want to make sure my passport goes first-class all the way. It’s one of the best travel mementos you can have, so I like to treat it well. When rushing around in all of the chaos, your passport can get bumped around and damaged, so a stylish, sturdy cover is just what the TSA ordered.

Fri 02.01

New Year, New Bag: The Year of the Snakeskin

The Year of the Snake begins on Feb 10th this year! It’s all about focus, progress, and attention to detail.  I’m a Rooster, so Snakes are my best friends according to the Chinese Zodiac (…and Cows, too!). So it’s no wonder I love snake and python bags. I think a new snakeskin bag will bring […]

Mon 12.24
Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 40′s

Five Essentials for the Snob in Her 40′s

By the time you’ve hit the 4-0, you’ve hit your stride. You know what you like, and better yet, you know how to get it. It’s all about genuine confidence (which was often elusive in your 20s!). You’re not trying to impress anyone, except yourself. No doubt it’s fun to be young, but nothing is […]