Wed 10.13

Zagliani Shoulder Bag with Bow

I fell in love with this bag as soon as I laid eyes on it during Milan Fashion Week way back in February. Now that it is available, that same irrational exuberance is back. I say that only because this is an expensive bag but definitely a worthy of a lifelong investment. Sure the bow […]

Thu 08.26

Zagliani Large ‘Puffy’ Bag in Python Skin

Now that snakeskin is fully ingrained into our lives, we are moving in to getting accustomed to natural python. This Zagliani is not just natural, it is enhanced natural – meaning that the color patterns on snakeskin is heightened. I absolutely LOVE it. The stark black and white is almost dairy cow like, giving is […]

Mon 08.02

Zagliani ‘Marieluce’ Python Bag

This here is true luxury. Zagliani exotics are the creme de la creme and when you see them in person, you will agree and appreciate what goes into one of these. First of all, the skins are treated to be the most supple and luxurious. Their previous styles have been a bit stilted and too […]

Fri 04.30

Zagliani Flash Python Clutch

Were you creeped out by the squishiness of Zagliani bags when they first burst on the bag scene?  I was until I felt them in person… if you can get past the fact that they’re injected with everything from botox to silicone and air, you’ll really enjoy petting them because they feel like plushy pillows!  […]

Thu 03.04

Zagliani Fall 2010

It was such a pleasure to meet Mauro Oritetti Carella, the creative director and head of Zagliani. A self proclaimed failed dermatologist, he began experimenting with precious exotic skins to give it the supple hand we are so used to in our exotics today. When he met me, his eyes lit up and said, “Yes, […]

Tue 09.08

Zagliani Large Crocodile One Handle Bag

I love Zagliani. The exotic skins they use are top notch and the construction is flawless. Total investment worthy. But this new One Handle bag has some fatal flaws, even though it is still gorgeous and has that same Zagliani look. The buckle is just for show, it sits under the zipper, which flips the […]

Tue 06.30

Zagliani Lace Leather Bag

Zagliani is known for innovation in material and skin so it is entirely appropriate for them to do a novelty bag like this one with lace detail. Look at the intricacy and precision of how the leather is folded and turned and sewn to get the perfect lace effect. I mean, as a whole, the […]

Wed 05.13

Zagliani Python Flap Shoulder Bag/Clutch

Forget all the silicone induced hype about Zagliani bags– let’s focus on this gorgeous luscious python shoulder bag/clutch in go with everything denim blue (I am obsessed with this dreamy color!).  This is a giant, I mean really really big bag but it’s so squishy and lovable looking I want to cuddle it.  Love the […]

Fri 04.24

Zagliani Croc and Fendi Ostrich at NM Last Call

The new Neiman Marcus Last Call outlet opened in Camarillo! Finally, one that is close to me so I don’t have to keep hearing Tina go on about how she bought something that was a million dollars for pennies. Although she does always shop for me so I shouldn’t complain. She got me a dress […]