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Mon 01.04
MASK Jewelry

MASK Jewelry: Collabo Craving of the Season

One thing that Yves Spinelli and Marc Alary both have is a creative, relaxed air of class. Walking into the recent launch of their collabo-collection was like walking into a private party of the city’s chicest crowd – because it was. A room of black-garbed goddesses was punctuated by one head of blue hair and the omnipresent pink dots on Lynn Yaeger’s cheeks.

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Thu 12.31
5 Ways to Update Your LBD for Under $100

5 Ways to Update Your LBD for Under $100: Accessorize and Shine

LBDs are sleek and sexy, but if you’re wearing them right, they’re just backdrops for accessorizing, canvases to be adorned. In honor of New Year’s Eve, don’t merely pull out your usual jewels and bag; there are ways to completely revamp and up your LBD game, and I’m sharing a few of my favorites here. With any of these embellishments, no one will even be looking at your dress!

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Thu 12.17
Top Leather Chokers

Top Leather Chokers: All Choked Up

In case you haven’t noticed, chokers are the biggest trend this holiday season. The neck is an erogenous zone, and there’s something about putting the emphasis there, jewel-wise, that’s at once sexy, strong, and feminine. In leather, the choker feels even more modern right about now.

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Sat 09.26

Apple Watch Hermès

I have two very serious addictions (as the hubby and the boy will attest to) — one is Hermès and the other is Apple. I am NEVER without something from either of the brands. My iPhone and Apple Watch are literally extensions of my hands, and well, you know my love of all things Hermès!

Mon 09.14
Fashion Week Virgin

Fashion Week Virgin: Awkward but Proud

Not too long ago (less than a week ago, actually), I was stressing the NYC housing market and hustling like any other out-of-towner trying to make it in this city.

Fri 09.04

Top 7 Pearl Accents: Give It a Pearl

These days, you rarely see a woman wearing a strand of pearls (unless that strand is used as a headband à la this Simone Rocha).

Tue 08.04

Top Untraditional Jewels: Talking Body

Rings that just sit on one finger are so passé. A plain, dainty anklet is old news. And what’s a stud earring without an accompanying cuff?! Okay, I’m kidding, but the point is: There’s a genuinely new shift in motion. Jewels have gone the way of the unconventional…

Fri 07.24
Top 5 Exaggerated Hoop Earrings

Top 5 Exaggerated Hoop Earrings: Hoop-Dee-Doo

Some like Grace Coddington treat the hoop earring as a style staple, but the classic gold design has gone bohemian this year thanks to the resurgence of ‘70s trends – and these are just a few of its boldly embellished, strikingly oversized, and brightly decorated ranks…

Mon 07.20
Tanzanite for Day and Night

Tanzanite for Day and Night

Lapis, sapphire, turquoise and topaz are all lovely shades of blue, showcasing Mother Nature’s spectrum. Tanzanite is a unique blue, like midnight sky on a deep blue sea with purple glints that make you want to look deeper and longer.