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24k Gold
Mon 07.23

Top 5 Dangly Earrings: Hang in the Balance

Elongating and slimming, a pair of delicately dangly earrings is a must this season. Looks aside, I just love the way cascading earrings feel on the ear – it’s instant femininity that can’t help but uplift, no matter your mood. Just slip a pair of these stunners on and you’ll see: dressing up even the […]

Thu 06.07

Hervé Van Der Straeten 24-Karat Gold Pieces: Hammertime!

Hammered gold is timeless. Well, the rustic-cum-polished look might come in and out, but it will always comes back. Hervé Van Der Straeten’s well-priced line makes a 24-karat collection a very good investment indeed. With a fully modernistic appeal, these baubles will never feel stale. Basic hoops feel tired and played out? A curvy earring […]

Fri 05.11

Sevan Bicakci Bird Cameo Rings

Sevan Bicakci Bird Carved Lemon Topaz Ring At Barneys New York for $12,555. Sevan Bicakci Dove Carved Topaz Ring At Barneys New York for $26,435.

Thu 02.23

Top 5 Earthy Cuffs: The Right Stuff

A great cuff can take any outfit from blah to bam! in seconds flat. The best are bold, chunky with delicate details, and look just as good minimal and all alone as they do piled high with other bracelets for a plentiful look. Just in time for spring – when you might have the desire […]

Fri 01.27

Top Neon Jewels: Bright Young Things

Make no mistake: neon jewelry is not just for eighth-grade girls who collect rubber and lanyard bracelets. Neon is having a major fashion moment (even bigger than the last few spring seasons), and you don’t have to commit to it with a pair of eye-piercing pumps or a shocking little dress. Show off your wit […]

Wed 01.18

Top 5 Colorful Jewels: Look on the Bright Side

Don’t leave the color just to your bags, shoes, and couture – why should they have all the fun? Jewels aren’t just about white diamonds and neutral metals. So get brave with it, and spread the color around; my top picks are all different types of jewels. Just don’t wear them all at once or […]

Thu 07.07

Oscar de la Renta 24-Karat Gold-Plated Cabochon Ring: Get Shanghaied

Maybe it’s because I’m in Taiwan, but this etched jade ring is really speaking to me. Oscar de la Renta‘s 24-karat gold-plated cabochon ring looks like something you’d find in a museum. It has an ancient and very official look to it. The jade, with floral etching, sits on a red resin ring that beautifully […]

Thu 06.09

Rosary-Inspired Necklaces: Like a Prayer

It’s only appropriate that I begin by confessing that I’m no Catholic. I’ve never taken Communion or counted a string of rosary beads. However, much of the captivation and charisma of jewelry is in tradition – and that applies to the Christian faith, too! Long, loose beads and cross-trimmed chains are great for layering and […]

Fri 04.22

Deanna Hamro Swarovski Pave Silver Collection: A Crystal in the Rough

Deanna Hamro is a 20-year veteran of jewelry design, with a precision-perfect technique she developed at the star of her glittering career. Her new Swarovski pave collection uses the labor-intensive hand fabrication and pave processes for which she is known – each crystal is meticulously fixed by hand with diamond-setting tweezers. Her tender care and […]