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Mon 10.28
Jennifer Alfano Birthstone Pendants

Jennifer Alfano Birthstone Pendants: Personal Effects

The older I get, the pickier I am about my jewelry. Sure there are some pieces too beautiful to pass up, but I would take a jewel with sentimental meaning over that any day! My grandmother gave me a few heirlooms when I graduated from high school, and though I didn’t fully appreciate them at the time, they’re now some of my most prized pieces.

Fri 11.06

Darby Scott Amber Bib Necklace & Smoky Quartz Mélange Ring

Fabulous at all price points, the beauty of Darby Scott is the ability to switch things up. This faux Golden Amber Bib Necklace is bold and fabulous with a price point that is amazing. You get maximum impact on a minimal budget. Get the shorter choaker at 28″ or for the full bib look, get […]