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Mon 06.24
Crystals Clusters

Crystals Clusters: More is Never Enough

One crystal is nice, but ten is better! Go big or go home, right? These kaleidoscopes of color are summer fun that will liven up any old outfit. They look like bright pieces of candy, and are just as hard to resist. I say give in to your sweet tooth. The opulence of dripping in […]

Thu 06.13

Dauphines of New York Birthday Headbands: Party Favors

Dauphines of New York always puts out gorgeous, well-priced hair accessories, but when they add the element of personalization, the appeal is even greater. Believe it or not, birthstones have been around since the first century! Mine is good old amethyst, which is faceted beautifully onto the February headband. For a boho look, wear yours […]

Fri 03.22

Top 5 Candy Jewels: Sweet Tooth

Spring has me craving sugary delights, and frankly, these jewels look good enough to eat. Besides being a Jewel Snob, I’m a candy addict, so anything that even looks like candy makes my mouth water. Think I’m joking? I once took a bite of a Bonne Bell chapstick because it had a cotton candy scent […]

Mon 12.24

Lydia Courteille Jewels: Lydia in Wonderland

Lydia Courteille wanted her jewels to create a dream-like state of mind for their wearers, and she did that and more! The jeweler has brought to life a fantasy that we all want to believe in when we step into the world of fashion – that there is beauty beyond this world that can change […]

Mon 12.17

Top 5 Conversational Cocktail Rings: Let’s Talk

With all of the parties penciled in on your calendar, you’re going to want a few special cocktail rings! It’s good to have small talk topics ready in your back pocket (or in this case, on your hand!) – preferably ones that do not revolve around the weather. Even the most boring parties can be […]

Mon 07.23

Top 5 Dangly Earrings: Hang in the Balance

Elongating and slimming, a pair of delicately dangly earrings is a must this season. Looks aside, I just love the way cascading earrings feel on the ear – it’s instant femininity that can’t help but uplift, no matter your mood. Just slip a pair of these stunners on and you’ll see: dressing up even the […]

Mon 06.25

Gabriel Frantzen Sense & Sensibility Collection: Come To Your Senses

In the Jane Austen novel of the same name, we meet two sisters who couldn’t be more different: one exuding spirit, spontaneity, and emotion, the other all about caution and control. While German-born designer Gabriele Frantzen’s Sense & Sensibility collection of necklaces and bracelets exudes much more caprice than prudence (I don’t see anything cautious […]

Mon 06.04

Artisan 18-Karat Gold, Diamond, and Amethyst Ring: Building a Mystery

I love jewels that speak of travels to faraway places and generation-surviving family heirlooms. But usually, the two are mutually exclusive. What makes Artisan’s gold, diamond, and amethyst ring a standout: I can’t decide if it looks more like a gem I picked up on an adventure in Istanbul or Marrakech or something plundered out […]

Tue 05.22

Top 5 Statement Rings: What's the Big Idea?

Whether it’s fossilized walrus ivory, a tulip-carved white amethyst, or a melding of natural pearl and aquamarine, a bigger-than-Texas statement ring is key for the season. This isn’t the moment to fret about good taste or worry about subtlety (or lack thereof) – indulge yourself and invite the over-the-top to your fingertips. Monique Pean‘s Scrimshaw […]