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Thu 10.23
You’re Invited

You’re Invited: Anita Ko Trunk Show at Forty Five Ten

I’ve come to love Dallas since moving here over ten years ago, but I have to admit, I miss the energy and people of my beloved LA. Luckily for me, Brian Bolke of Forty Five Tenicon is bringing one of my favorite Cali-based designer to Texas – the lovely Anita Ko.

Tue 10.07

Geometric Jewelry: Splurge vs. Save

Geometry was my favorite math subject in school. I’m a visual person (I ended up in fashion, after all). Shapes and angles? That I understood, but formulas and theories? Not so much. And nothing has changed since then!

Wed 07.09
Golden Globetrotting

Golden Globetrotting: Wanderlust…

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then gold must be the cousin she loves to play with. And it’s no accident that all things good are considered “golden.” The element transcends currencies and languages and is considered the single best investment by the most savvy of investors…

Tue 01.07
Eddera Jewelry

Eddera Jewelry: Get 20% Off on Precious 7!

This is not the first time we’ve featured Eddera, but now we’re switching focus from French jeweler Camille Vizzavona’s gorgeous, celebrity-adored headbands to her equally stunning gems. Camille studied at the Louvre’s jewelry school under Adalbert Smoliar, the head designer for Van Cleef and Arpels, making jewels her first love.

Thu 12.12
Love Gold

Love Gold: All I Need for Christmas is Love…

Every year as soon as the Halloween decorations have been packed away, I spring into gift-hunting mode, and every year, I end up finding as many presents for myself as for my family and friends. At the top of my list? Jewelry and lots of it!

Tue 06.11

Jules Smith Spiked Jewelry: Stack Attack

When you’re stacking jewelry, you don’t want to spend tons on each piece – they add up after all! So I was happy to come across these Frugal Snob options from Jules Smith. Founder and lead designer Gina Nigrelli-Smith has built the line into a celeb favorite with everything from jelly charm bracelets to BFF … Continue reading Jules Smith Spiked Jewelry: Stack Attack

Mon 05.13

BuDhaGirl Prayer Bead All Weather Bangles: Daily Meditation

A set of gorgeous gold bangles is a style statement for sure, but what if each of the bracelets had meaning behind it? That’s the idea with BuDhaGirl’s all weather bangles. The PVC bracelets are filled with 24K gold dust (meaning you can walk right through that TSA metal detector, jewels on hand) and sealed … Continue reading BuDhaGirl Prayer Bead All Weather Bangles: Daily Meditation

Mon 04.29

Kendall Conrad Jewelry: Brass Band

I met Kendall Conrad on one of my recent trips to LA. The fifth generation Californian has an empire that includes everything from bags to shoes to jewels. I love it all, but the clean lines of her brass and leather jewelry line are impeccable. Their distinctive curves were inspired by the work of architects … Continue reading Kendall Conrad Jewelry: Brass Band

Tue 04.23

Woodsy Jewels: Forces of Nature

Earth Month is a nice reminder to appreciate all things natural, but the look never goes out of style. While often you see jewels modeled after woodsy elements like leaves or flowers, it’s better to just go for the actual organic materials. Horn and wood give you that relaxed feel that’s perfect for summer (especially … Continue reading Woodsy Jewels: Forces of Nature