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Mon 04.08

Cindy Chao Art Jewel: Beijing Gallery Opening!

My dear friend, celebrated Jewel artist Cindy Chao, has opened her first boutique. After years of crafting the most beautiful jewels in the world, she’s created a treasure trove for them in the Beijing YinTai Centre. It was well worth the wait – just like her gorgeous creations, this store is stunning. And who came […]

Tue 03.26

Celia de Flers Wishbone Collection: Good Luck Charms

Normally, you’re trying to break a wishbone for good luck, but plated in rhodium, rose gold, and yellow gold, the pieces from Celia de Flers’ wishbone collection are virtually unbreakable. And it turns out an unbroken wishbone is the luckiest kind. It means that whatever you’re hoping for will come true soon! Whether you prefer […]

Fri 02.15

Monique Péan Wooly Mammoth Bangles: Ebony and Ivory

With their trendy color scheme (or lack of color scheme, really), Monique Péan’s eco-friendly bangles are hotter than ever. Fossilized wooly mammoth, one of her favorite materials to work with, provides the perfect, pure blank canvas for the designer’s dark designs, all of which are hand-carved. I would even buy these plain, though – the […]

Tue 02.12

Best Grammy Awards Jewels: Rock Stars

Okay, so Carrie Underwood wore a $31 million Johnathon Arndt necklace (is it me or do the prices go up every award show?? Soon celebs will just be carrying around giant diamonds). It’s a pretty big deal. But I’ll tell you what’s not a big deal – her entire stodgy look. Packing on carats doesn’t […]

Mon 02.11

Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle: Fashion and Function

Cynthia Rowley is doing it right. She’s always taking fashion in interesting places – first designing stylish Band Aids and now inventing the flask bangle (wouldn’t you love to know how the idea even occurred to her??). You’ll never have to edge your way into a crowded bar again and you’ll make so many new […]

Fri 02.08

Wide, Wild Cuffs: Animal Attraction

My New Year’s resolution was to invest in quality pieces that will last me for the long haul. I’m pleased to say that one month into 2013 and I’m still sticking to my fashion guns! Sure, this pony calfskin Céline cuff has a wild side, but a little leopard should always have a place in […]

Fri 02.01

Vita Fede: Free Shipping for Valentine’s Day

My favorite luxury fashion jewel brand, Vita Fede, wants to treat you and yours for Valentine’s Day. Their gift? Complimentary shipping for the next 5 days (even global shipping is FREE)! I’m an avid collector of all the Titan pieces, and one of my favorites right now is the crystal necklace ($600). The rose gold-plated […]

Wed 01.30

Serpentine Jewels: The Year of the Snake

According to the Chinese zodiac, next week marks the beginning of the Year of the Snake. You wouldn’t want to start off on the wrong foot (or with the wrong accessories!), so dress accordingly. Of course, the Bulgari Serpenti collection is the best way to celebrate the New Year. Whether you’ve always dreamed of trying […]

Fri 01.25

Top 5 Initial Jewels: Express Yourself

The best jewels are the ones with meaning and sentiment. Integrating initials into your accessories can be a nice way to keep a loved one in your thoughts – every time you look at the jewel, you’ll be flooded with love and memories. It can also just be fun to personalize your pieces (I love […]