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Tue 04.01
Wilfredo Rosado Jewelry

Wilfredo Rosado Jewelry: Rustling Feathers

As a protégé of both Giorgio Armani and Andy Warhol, fine jewelry designer Wilfredo Rosado knows a thing or two about “transforming street style into high fashion.” Look no further than the Metropolis earrings below, a classic teardrop shape outfitted with a multitude of diamonds, rubies, and pink and yellow sapphires.

Mon 12.02
Top 5 Party Rings

Top 5 Party Rings: Cocktail Mix

It’s that time of year again – party season! Get those cocktail rings out and on display. This is not the time to be shy. The bigger and brighter, the better! From chains to fringe, here are the jewels I can’t wait to show off…

Thu 05.09

Elizabeth Taylor’s Bulgari Jewels: Cleopatra’s Collection

When Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection went up for auction at Christie’s in late 2011, Bulgari bought up $20 million worth of their creations. Smart move – the value of pieces rapidly appreciated in the actress’ keeping. This summer they will exhibit several of these special gems in honor of the 50th anniversary of Taylor’s film […]

Tue 02.26

Tomasz Donocik x Alexander McQueen: Dragonfly Jewels

Not all insects should become jewels. A prime example? The cockroach. I’m not saying there isn’t a gem out there fashioned after one, but if there is, it’s probably not selling very well. Dragonflies, on the other hand, are like pure gold. With beautiful wings and a non-bloodsucking diet, they’re pretty likable little things. London-based […]

Fri 02.22

Elizabeth Taylor’s Bvlgari Jewelry Collection: Diamond Mine

The event held in honor of Elizabeth Taylor’s extensive Bvlgari collection was a star-studded celebration. Would you expect anything else? By sheer carats alone, Julianne Moore stole the show. The face of Bvlgari had on Elizabeth’s $6.1 million necklace, the emeralds perfectly accenting her rich red locks and McQueen dress. It’s a piece you might […]

Fri 06.01

Style of Jolie Jewelry

JOLIE’S JEWELS ON SHOW: Jeweler Robert Procop is heading to the South of France this summer to showcase Style of Jolie, the designs he creates in collaboration with Angelina Jolie, along with a number of pieces from his own Exceptional Jewels collection. From July 15, the jeweler will hold two pop-up showcases, at the Grand Hotel in Cap Ferrat […]

Wed 04.04

Lily Collins in Cartier: The Fairest of Them All

I am shocked this is the same Lily Collins that was in The Blind Side! Not only has she grown up, she has grown up so chicly! Looking lovely in a fishtailed Zac Posen gown at the Paris premiere of Mirror, Mirror, it was her jewels that really caught my attention. Cartier would not have […]

Mon 12.19

Sibi Blazic Wears Cindy Chao: Not Just Any Arm Candy

We know her husband well for his intense roles and groundbreaking performances, but now all eyes are on Christian Bale’s gorgeous wife! Well, she certainly got my attention. Sibi Blazic arrived with her hubby on the red carpet for the premiere of his new film, “The Flowers of War,” in Bejing, China a few days […]

Mon 12.12

Sharon Khazzam: Unforgettable Name, Indelible Jewels

With a name like Khazzam, this designer has instant cool credibility, but Sharon actually backs up her unforgettable surname with designs that are out-of-this-world amazing. To call her wildly creative is an understatement – this is thoroughly beyond-the-box thinking that confidently maintains an elevated taste level fit for the snobbiest of jewel snobs. Everyone has […]