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Wed 10.12

Slane Ganesh Gold Charm on Natural Leather Cord: Follow Your Animal Instinct

Known as a sacred animal in the East and regarded as a symbol of perseverance and wisdom, the elephant is a special animal. In the form of a gorgeous Ganesh charm (a Hindu deity famed for being a remover of obstacles), it’s extra-special. Not only is Slane‘s little 18-karat pendant, adorned with diamond, rubies, sapphires, […]

Wed 08.17

Van Cleef & Arpels Bals de Légende: What Legends Are Made Of

Jewels have the potential to transcend time and place, to distort our own less sparkling realities into something more romantic and enable us to fantasize. No jewelry house seems to understand this like Van Cleef & Arpels. Their recent collection, Bals de Legende, is inspired by the greatest parties in history and spans references from […]

Tue 06.07

Kate Spade Royal Bazaar Collection: A Precious Collaboration

The appreciation for beautiful adornments is universal. I was informed of Kate Spade’s new Royal Bazaar collection not by anyone in the jewelry biz, but by a Bag Snob fan who also loves her jewels, and works for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. Kate Spade and Turquoise Mountain, a great organization reestablishing the arts and […]

Fri 05.06

Ivanka Trump "Noor" Collection: A Light Touch to Heavy Jewels

The name “Trump” is synonymous with wealth and luxury, so it seems fitting that the name Ivanka Trump is coming to epitomize feminine, decadent, and creatively lush jewels. Ivanka’s latest collection was inspired by her travels to Morocco, Turkey, and Baku, Azerbaijan, as well as her passion for art-deco style – and it shows. The […]

Fri 09.03

North Carolina Farm Produces 65-carat Emerald

Imagine spending a leisurely day hunting for treasures in North Carolina for $3 a day and pulling this 65-carat emerald out of the ground!! Among corn rows, a farm known for small pebbly emeralds allow people to come and rummage around for fun. This is the largest ever found in North America. Wow, I guess […]

Wed 05.26

Kimberly McDonald Earrings in Sex and the City 2

As if you weren’t excited enough to check-out all of the SATC 2 fashions when the movie hits theaters tomorrow, check-out these two pairs of earrings that Carrie will be sporting in the film! Gooorgeous!! Both styles are from New York City-based designer Kimberly McDonald who designs exclusively using natural and organic materials (agates, geodes, […]

Thu 01.21

Julianne Moore in Bvlgari at Golden Globes

Wowza!! Julianne Moore had the privilege of wearing these incredible $3 million Bvlgari emerald earrings to the Globes for being in their Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign (wearing the same earrings). The Colombian pear shaped emeralds weigh in at 52.86 and 62.32 carats. Colombia has the world’s finest emeralds. My mother-in-law is Colombian so she makes […]

Mon 11.23

Sevan Mesh Bracelet

I don’t know if I can properly justify the price but as a bystander, I can attest that this bracelet is kick ass and awesome!!! It is rose gold and sterling silver with 6.47 carats of diamonds. This is a rock ‘n roll piece that can will glam up any outfit. The 2 1/4 inch […]

Mon 06.08

Shawn Warren Fine Jewelry

Sand Pendant Necklace (Left) and Heritage Emerald Ring (Above) I had the pleasure of meeting Shawn Warren, former psychologist turned jewelry designer extraordinaire, at her Los Angeles launch event a few weeks ago, and discovered a true talent whose eye for design is impeccable. Her collection, which ranges from whimsical yet classic, to modern interpretations […]