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Tue 04.30

Top 5 Statement Jewels: The Bold and the Beautiful

This spring is all about excess. After a long, drab winter, it’s time to break out the biggest and the best jewels. Clusters of colorful gems, chains by the foot, and an abundance of sparkle the likes of which hasn’t seen since the glittering Jazz Era. If you’re not rocking at least ¾ of the […]

Thu 03.14

Bottega Veneta Multi-Dimension Jewels: Cage Match

Without departing too much from the classic Bottega Veneta style, Tomas Maier always seems to push the design boundaries just far enough, which is ironic considering how these jewels cage you in! The sterling silver ring ($620) wraps around your finger like a chic sheet of armor, blackened from years of heavy battle. The shape […]

Fri 01.18

Valentine’s Day Jewels: Made for Love

Sure, these are a little cheesy, but cute is my go-to strategy for Valentine’s jewelry! For the first time in years, I’ll be able to spend V Day with my hubby : ) February 14th is always in the middle of Fashion Week (because fashion hates love?), but this year, I’m leaving the morning of […]

Thu 08.30

Top 5 New Neons: Candyland Calling

Sometimes our jewelry gets too solemn! That’s when it’s time to bring in the neon. Fun pieces not to be taken too seriously, the best bright looks are candy-bright without being saccharine-sweet. Go wild, but also go wearable. You don’t want to look like retro Cyndi Lauper…Although girls do just want to have fun. 1. […]

Fri 03.16

Enamel Bracelets: Wear One, Wear All

No, it’s not just for old ladies in Palm Beach. Enamel bracelets are a fun way to add a burst of color to any outfit (at any age), especially during the summer months. I wear stacks of them in various sizes and patterns for a funky armful of enamel. I love to hear them clang […]

Fri 01.27

Top Neon Jewels: Bright Young Things

Make no mistake: neon jewelry is not just for eighth-grade girls who collect rubber and lanyard bracelets. Neon is having a major fashion moment (even bigger than the last few spring seasons), and you don’t have to commit to it with a pair of eye-piercing pumps or a shocking little dress. Show off your wit […]

Fri 12.16

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Enamel Gold-Plated Ring: State of the Art

This offbeat and painterly cluster something out of a work of modern-abstract art by Picasso or Henri Matisse. And that’s just the idea! Intention changes everything – this kooky ring is from Yves Saint Laurent’s Arty collection, and the name says it all. Each jewel is like a miniature museum piece for your very own […]

Mon 12.12

Yours by Loren Launches Tonight on HSN!

Any genuine Jewel Snob has swooned over and likely pined for Loren Ridinger‘s haute couture-worthy line of jewels. The only issue is Loren Jewels also tend to come with an haute-couture price tag. Pine no more! Loren’s highly anticipated line with HSN moderately priced from $199-$1,399, Yours by Loren, has finally launched! You can watch […]

Fri 08.12

Roger Vivier: Art Deco Glam

Roger Vivier stilettos– yes. Roger Vivier bags– absolutely. Roger Vivier jewels?! Hell, yes! Inspired by the Art Deco movement and the glamorous feeling of the ’30s & ’40s, the collection would have made Daisy Buchanan lose her mind. The Manchette Crystal cuff is my favorite– with the iconic Vivier buckle it captures the essence of […]