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Mon 01.21

Aurelie Bidermann: Bronzed Beauties

Fans of Aurelie Bidermann can now indulge in her second collection, which includes gorgeous brass rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that are entirely handmade in Paris. Her inspirations were as wide-ranging as classic sculpture to pre-Colombian influences, which come out best on the Mharaja hoop earrings ($240). Every girl needs a really nice pair of … Continue reading Aurelie Bidermann: Bronzed Beauties

Wed 08.08

Jacquie Aiche 14-Karat Large Filigree Body Chain: Rock Your Body

There are body chains, the ones that look like they were bought at Claire’s Accessories in the mall and worn on MTV’s Spring Break stage in 1996, and then there are body chains. As in, the high-end, regal stuff that we saw on Rihanna while she frolicked and lounged aboard her Mediterranean yacht the entire … Continue reading Jacquie Aiche 14-Karat Large Filigree Body Chain: Rock Your Body

Fri 10.16

Malin Akerman Wears Miriam Haskell

Coco Chanel did not corner the market in costume jewelry, Miriam Haskell has been doing it since 1924 and has glittered Hollywood ever since. Malin Akerman wore the silver and pearl tassel necklace at the Chicago premiere of Couples Retreat. The details on this piece are stunning – a slinky 8″ tassle, handwired European filigrees, … Continue reading Malin Akerman Wears Miriam Haskell