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Thu 12.31
5 Ways to Update Your LBD for Under $100

5 Ways to Update Your LBD for Under $100: Accessorize and Shine

LBDs are sleek and sexy, but if you’re wearing them right, they’re just backdrops for accessorizing, canvases to be adorned. In honor of New Year’s Eve, don’t merely pull out your usual jewels and bag; there are ways to completely revamp and up your LBD game, and I’m sharing a few of my favorites here. With any of these embellishments, no one will even be looking at your dress!

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5 Ways to Update Your LBD for Under $100
5 Ways to Update Your LBD for Under $100
5 Ways to Update Your LBD for Under $100
5 Ways to Update Your LBD for Under $100
Thu 12.17
Top Leather Chokers

Top Leather Chokers: All Choked Up

In case you haven’t noticed, chokers are the biggest trend this holiday season. The neck is an erogenous zone, and there’s something about putting the emphasis there, jewel-wise, that’s at once sexy, strong, and feminine. In leather, the choker feels even more modern right about now.

Featured Items
Top Leather Chokers
Top Leather Chokers
Top Leather Chokers
Top Leather Chokers
Fri 09.04

Top 7 Pearl Accents: Give It a Pearl

These days, you rarely see a woman wearing a strand of pearls (unless that strand is used as a headband à la this Simone Rocha).

Mon 07.13

Safety Pin Jewelry: Pin-Up Girls

One of fashion’s most exciting aspects is the creative spirit of turning the ordinary into something much more, like the everyday, mundane safety pin. It’s not hard to see how they would inspire designers, especially clothing designers who use safety pins daily to drape, cinch and perfect.

Wed 07.01
Jamie Wolf

Jamie Wolf: 15% Off for Snob Readers!

Though I’m an avid jewelry collector, the pieces I cherish most are always the sentimental ones, so on the occasions when sentimentality and incredible quality coincide, I’m a very happy woman; and that’s just what I got from Jamie Wolf!

Fri 06.19
Bad Girls Need Nice Things Too

Bad Girls Need Nice Things Too

There seems to be a relatively consistent image of what a successful woman should wear, from hair and makeup to clothes and shoes. While fitting this mold isn’t a bad thing, sometimes a girl just wants to branch out, toughen things up a little bit.

Mon 05.04
A Mother's Love

A Mother’s Love: The Guide to Meaningful and Wearable Gifts You’ll Want to Borrow

Mother’s Day is less than a week away! If you’re still looking for a gift, guest author Julia Hagen has rounded up some special pieces your mom is sure to love…

Tue 04.14

Paddle8: The Midas Touch

I’ve been addicted to auctions ever since I started shopping on eBay in 1999. I love the thrill of the chase, and the stakes just got higher with Paddle8.

Fri 12.19
Sentimental Jewelry

Sentimental Jewelry: Tokens of Love

I love rare gemstones as much as the next Snob, but even rarer than Alexandrite or Paraiba tourmaline are the pieces that hold sentimental significance to my life and the people in it. That’s why I just had a Chinchar/Maloney necklace made with my birthstone, as well those of the boy and my hubby.