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Wed 05.01

Tiffany & Co. Savoy Headpiece: The Great Gatsby

When a jewel has been designed for the film version of The Great Gatsby, you know it’s going to be as over-the-top opulent as the titular character himself. Costume designer Catherine Martin collaborated with Tiffany’s to create the headpiece for Carey Mulligan’s character, the charming Daisy Buchanan. In the novel Gatsby says Daisy’s voice is […]

Thu 03.28

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

Wearing pearls in the summer is as natural as the sun shining in the sky. But these aren’t your grandmother’s pearls. Say goodbye to her simple strand because the precious by-product of my favorite appetizer on a half shell has given new life and a dash of edge with these alternative designs. Tell all of […]

Thu 03.21

Enchanted Atelier Angelique Headpiece: Love is in the Hair

There’s something about a goddess-style headpiece that just gives a girl an aura of calmness and authority. It’s a little formal but also a little boho, and just plain feminine. Enchanted Atelier’s Angelique checks all of these boxes as the perfect spring statement piece. Three pearl and crystal-accented chains connect floral clips at the sides […]

Fri 03.15

Finger Bracelets: Put a Ring on It

There’s something about spring that brings out the boho in everyone. It’s a fresh new start, the sun is shining, and you just feel free. Now is the best time of year to try out a new style, and the one I’m eyeing is the finger bracelet. It seems like they’re everywhere and mostly at […]

Mon 03.04

Vannesa Tosoni Pearl Necklaces: Revenge is Best Served in Pearls

Revenge is my favorite show on TV right now, and Victoria Grayson is without a doubt the best love to hate villain. She’s the ultimate Snob  so of course I was thrilled to see her wear my dear friend Vannesa Tosoni’s pearl necklaces on the January 6th episode. Since the first lady of Grayson manor […]

Wed 01.16

Branch Jewelry: At One with Nature

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for fashion. The more sophisticated a woman’s taste in jewels, the more she brings it back to the basics and tones it down. Even when a tree’s branches are bare of leaves, their form and twisted shape fascinate us. So I’ve selected the best branch jewels, but […]

Wed 12.26

Fallon Best Friend Collection: Pup Snob Necklaces

I was thinking about what to get my pup Yoshi for the holidays (everyone in the family deserves a special gift!) when I came across Fallon’s Best Friend Collection. I’m a huge fan of Fenton Fallon’s jewels, so outfitting him in Dana Lorenz’s eclectic creations only makes sense. The quality is beyond compare – warm, […]

Fri 11.23

Black Friday/Cyber Monday on Sweepstreet: Sweep Up the Deals!

It’s the post-Thanksgiving shopping mayhem. But let’s be real – who wants to deal with all of those rowdy crowds?? The best way to save safely is from the comfort of your own home! Here are some sweet Black Friday AND Cyber Monday deals. From midnight on Friday through all of Saturday, David Yurman jewels […]

Wed 11.07

The Woods Fine Jewels: Forest Goddesses

The Woods sisters have been my favorite jewel designers for years, so when they came to town for a trunk show, needless to say, I was there with my credit card in hand! I was pleased to see that their commitment to natural materials remains strong with the line’s old mine cut diamonds juxtaposed against […]