Wed 02.06

Top 5 Heart Jewels: A Lot Like Love

The head and the heart are often at war with each other when it comes to love, but when it comes to jewelry, there’s not much to fight over (that fight with your bank account rages on, though!). So for Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year, choose one of these special gold […]

Tue 01.29

Amanda Seyfried x Lorraine Schwartz: Pendant Necklaces

Seeing Amanda Seyfried accessorize her gorgeous Zac Posen gown with a long Lorraine Schwartz pendant necklace was such a refreshing, interesting style choice. The Les Mis star went with a pretty minimal look, and I don’t think it would have worked without the diamond and lavender jade art deco-inspired bauble. We’re not used to seeing […]

Mon 12.31

Elise Dray Indian Jewels: An Homage?

Given the recent controversies over Karlie Kloss‘ Indian headdress at the VS fashion show and No Doubt’s cowboys and Indians-themed music video (both incidents were pulled from tv and the Internet), I’m surprised no one has gotten up in Elise Dray‘s Native American-inspired pieces. Victoria’s Secret, on the other hand, publicly apologized for its “racist” […]

Thu 12.27

Best Rhodium Jewels: Rhodium Roundup

Even though it was only discovered 200 years ago, rhodium has a dark, romantic look to it that calls back to centuries ago. It’s not a fact that you hear thrown around a lot, but this metal is the most expensive in the world (chemically, it’s a platinum metal). It’s also one of the most […]

Fri 12.21

Federico Primiceri Jewels: Playing Pac-Man

This one is a little strange. Italian jeweler Federico Primiceri has crafted fine jewels based on the video game Pac-Man. Using diamonds, sapphires, and gold, he recreated moments from the game featuring both the hungry little yellow ball and the colorful ghosts who follow him. There are four pieces up for grabs, the first of […]

Mon 12.03

Stella McCartney: Award-Winning Wonders

Stella McCartney has a lot to be excited about this week. She won the British Fashion Designer of the Year Award (congrats, Stella!), and it was just announced that she’ll have an online store up and running by the end of the year. And we have a lot to be excited for, too – her […]

Mon 11.19

Top 5 Turquoise Jewels: Healing Power

The abundance of turquoise in the Southwest has led Native Americans to jewel with this gem for centuries. But it’s been popular all throughout history – way back to Ancient Egypt! One reason people love it? It’s said to hold spiritual and healing qualities. Turquoise is one of the most vibrant colors found in nature […]

Fri 10.12

Rebecca Minkoff Jewelry: Cheap and Cheerful

Affordable luxuries, the winning formula of Rebecca Minkoff bags now parlayed into a line of non-fussy jewelry. Rebecca fuses her rock and roll aesthetics with art deco influence to create one of the best and most extensive fashion jewel launches we’ve ever seen from a bag designer. Lots of strong metallics (think brass and gunmetal) […]

Tue 09.25

Sevan Bicakci Padlocks: Lock, Stock, and a Few Smoking Pendants

You know I’ve been all about pendants lately; the best part is how unique each one can be. A padlock pendant is not original by any means, but there’s always an exception to the rule. These jewel-encrusted Sevan Bicakci locks are anything but ordinary. Variations like the circle lock ($6,815), featuring a fierce design of […]