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Reclaimed Metal
Thu 09.02

Natural Beauty

Guest Blog by Liza Powel O’Brien As a rule, I do not get gussied up. Most days, cargo pants and rubber flip flops are the uniform. But once in a while, I am forced to call in the professionals to make my appearance more fit for public consumption. It takes many hours and dollars to … Continue reading Natural Beauty

Wed 07.01

Make Like a Tree? Alkemie's Tree Cuff

Alkemie’s Tree Cuff Alkemie, an eco-friendly line of jewelry, uses reclaimed metals and such to fashion absolutely gorgeous nature-inspired pieces, including this cuff bracelet which almost looks as if you’ve managed to grow the branches of a rather aged oak around your wrist. I love the detail, the eco-friendly nature of the piece, and the … Continue reading Make Like a Tree? Alkemie's Tree Cuff