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Thu 04.25

Multi-Layer Necklaces: How Much Can You Handle?

I just bought a multi-layered necklace and absolutely love it! The profusion of chains makes you feel untouchable and abundant à la Marie Antoinette, but you don’t need to be in a ball gown to rock the look. I stack bracelets all the time, so this is just the next step in my obsession. What […]

Tue 02.07

Made Her Think: Make Them Look

I love finding cool unique jewels for a bargain. My latest discovery is Made Her Think, the Brooklyn-based line by Meredith Kahn. She was originally inspired to create jewels by Dia de los Muertos and Frida Kahlo; lately her pieces have taken on a sleek, geometric look. Such incredible designs with boldness and personality to […]

Fri 11.18

Tom Binns Dumont Swarovski Crystal Necklace: A Rhinestone in the Rough

The rhinestone necklace. You probably have one from a costume jewel-loving grandmother or a fruitful day at the flea market. But odds are, you don’t have one that looks like this. The old guard of rhinestone is dainty and delicate. But if you look closely at rhinestones, you realize the chunky, ice cube-ish shape is […]

Fri 09.30

Eddie Borgo Pave Padlock Bracelet and Earrings: Love on Lockdown

When it comes to jewels, the padlock has been done, and then done some more. Bu when it comes to Eddie Borgo, he has the eye for taking the look and cranking it up a notch. The New York native finds his inspiration on the streets of his home town and the glory days of […]

Wed 09.14

Dannijo Spring 2012 Collection: All that Glitters Doesn't Have to be Gold

Photos: Refinery29 “A modern take on remnants of the past.” That’s how Dannijo describes their latest collection, a colorful mishmash of sparkle and grit. The design duo continues to show off their knack for combining the kitsch and the classical, and they deliver an eclectic array their fans will love. They were thinking of Indonesian […]

Wed 05.25

Venessa Arizaga "Life's a Beach" Charm Necklace: Pirate's Booty

Venessa Arizaga’s “Life’s a Beach” necklace is for the bohemian snob with a bit of plundering pirate in her. Or at least a Johnny Depp fantasy. While I love the plentiful, varying length multi-chains, the charms are on the questionable side. Don’t be deceived by the girlie colors, rhinestones, and heart accents. These charms are […]

Fri 09.03

Vera Wang Wrapped Rhinestone Bracelet

Multiple straps wrapped around the wrist is being done by all these days. But one that is all rhinestone with gunmetal hardware is not only way decadent but edgy. This looks like it’s wrapped around and around but it actually one solid piece (notice the intertwining of the strands) and attached with a hook and […]