Thu 07.04
Nail Rings

Nail Rings: Snob or Slob?

It’s a big year for rings – from minis to midis and now to nails, we can’t seem to get enough! Is the newest trend taking it too far, though?

Wed 07.03
X Rings

Eva Fehren X Collection: X Marks the Sparkle

NYC artist Eva Zuckerman (Fehren is her middle name) makes fine jewelry, but she doesn’t rely on the high-quality gems and metals to impress you (although those are pretty breathtaking!). These pieces are all about delicate, yet impactful design. After earning a degree in fine art from Cooper Union and working with Snob favorite Monique Péan, Eva started her own line in 2011 and quickly won rave reviews with the X Collection.

Tue 07.02
Multi-Finger Rings

Multi-Finger Rings: Count on Me

Stacking jewels always packs a punch, but when you feel like giving all your digits some love, turn to trendy multi-finger rings. Abundance is even easier to achieve since the bands are made to coordinate (unlike the random assembly of rings hiding in your jewelry box).

Tue 06.25
Unique Rings

Unique Rings: Dare to be Different

Sometimes you long to go outside the box (unless the box is this awesome cube ring, in which case, count me in). Go more traditional with pieces like your wedding band that you wear all the time. These rings are fun little affairs – practicality has no place in their designs…

Mon 06.24
Crystals Clusters

Crystals Clusters: More is Never Enough

One crystal is nice, but ten is better! Go big or go home, right? These kaleidoscopes of color are summer fun that will liven up any old outfit. They look like bright pieces of candy, and are just as hard to resist. I say give in to your sweet tooth. The opulence of dripping in […]

Wed 06.19

Trend Alert: Mid Finger Rings

I’ve been enamored with mini rings lately, so the mid finger ring trend just feels like the next step. Since the jewels sit higher up on your digits, they’re smaller, giving you the perfect excuse to pile them on one after the other. Elise Dray’s diamond and white gold ring (on Luisa via Roma for […]

Tue 06.18

Warrior Princess Jewels: The Good Fight

While summer jewelry is light and airy, fall brings heavy, mixed metals the likes of which you’d see decorating only the greatest of warriors. What better to forge a fighter princess cuff in than gunmetal? The fearsome Halaby Daniel bracelet (on Luisa via Roma for $535) can wield serious authority on the fashion front. Maybe […]

Fri 06.14

Weddings Rings: To Have and to Hold…

…but mostly to wear! June is the unofficial month of weddings. The weather’s gorgeous, the birds are singing – all you need is a ring beautiful enough to match your love! And you don’t necessarily need to spend a million to get it. Sometimes a simple band is enough – the minimalist style will coordinate […]

Tue 06.11

Jules Smith Spiked Jewelry: Stack Attack

When you’re stacking jewelry, you don’t want to spend tons on each piece – they add up after all! So I was happy to come across these Frugal Snob options from Jules Smith. Founder and lead designer Gina Nigrelli-Smith has built the line into a celeb favorite with everything from jelly charm bracelets to BFF […]