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Fri 12.21

Federico Primiceri Jewels: Playing Pac-Man

This one is a little strange. Italian jeweler Federico Primiceri has crafted fine jewels based on the video game Pac-Man. Using diamonds, sapphires, and gold, he recreated moments from the game featuring both the hungry little yellow ball and the colorful ghosts who follow him. There are four pieces up for grabs, the first of […]

Mon 11.26

Holiday Ornament Jewels: Deck the Halls!

Boughs of holly are nice, but jewels are what make me jolly. You’ve decorated your tree, mantle, front door…it’s your turn now! There’s definitely a tacky and gaudy way to wear ornament jewels, but as long as you choose fun and festive (yet still tasteful and sophisticated) options, you’re set to shine. You won’t find […]

Fri 10.26

Delfina Delettrez Collar Shirt Diamond Necklace: Hot Under the Collar

Collars get a lot of attention. Blue collars, white collars, popped collars, etc. I think I’ve found my favorite, though – the diamond collar! Delfina Delettrez, a fourth generation Fendi, has created a truly unique jewel here. Her playful, and sometimes gothic designs are produced with mixed medias and unusual subjects (some pieces are inspired […]

Tue 10.16

Best of the Season’s Symbolic Jewels: Back to Nature

A single leaf is the ancient heraldic symbol for happiness. The leaves of the oak tree are religious emblems of faith and endurance. Ivy leaves symbolize a strong and lasting friendship. For me, they just signify the promise of better, brighter days (and in this case, shinier ones, too!). No matter what you think of […]

Tue 04.10

Solange Azagury-Partridge Ballcrusher,Gold Pearl and Sapphire Earrings: She’s a Maneater

I’ve got to admit: the name “ballcrusher” grabbed my attention. But what I didn’t expect to see was a jewel with such a threatening title – and a pretty awesome one, if you ask me – to be so feminine and pretty! That’s not to say these earrings by Solange Azagury-Partridge aren’t offbeat. Claws are, […]

Wed 02.01

February Giveaway: Take Your Pick of Plukka!

What better way to celebrate fashion month with a little – scratch that – a whole lot of bling! Plukka, the wildly chic jewel line, is offering the winner of our February giveaway his/her pick of ONE out of three of their covetable cocktail rings! The lucky snob can pick between: the Wavy Gumdrop, 18k […]

Mon 12.19

Sibi Blazic Wears Cindy Chao: Not Just Any Arm Candy

We know her husband well for his intense roles and groundbreaking performances, but now all eyes are on Christian Bale’s gorgeous wife! Well, she certainly got my attention. Sibi Blazic arrived with her hubby on the red carpet for the premiere of his new film, “The Flowers of War,” in Bejing, China a few days […]

Fri 12.02

Elizabeth Taylor: First Look on NBC LX TV

Perhaps the most beautiful and amazing jewel collection of modern history, 150 pieces of Elizabeth Taylor‘s breathtaking collection will be auctioned online at starting tomorrow.  I am in love with the sapphire and old mine cut diamond ring above!  I think Liz would approve of a jewel snob taking care of this for her […]

Wed 10.12

Slane Ganesh Gold Charm on Natural Leather Cord: Follow Your Animal Instinct

Known as a sacred animal in the East and regarded as a symbol of perseverance and wisdom, the elephant is a special animal. In the form of a gorgeous Ganesh charm (a Hindu deity famed for being a remover of obstacles), it’s extra-special. Not only is Slane‘s little 18-karat pendant, adorned with diamond, rubies, sapphires, […]