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Tue 10.30

Lynn Ban Silver & Enamel Smoking Lips Lariat Necklace: Bad Habit, Good Jewelry

I neither like nor want to promote smoking, but you have to love this lariat necklace (at Barneys New York for $750) full of attitude! This kind of strong character (even if it is a flawed one) is what makes jewelry so fun! You can get downright silly sometimes, and still maintain your chic style. […]

Tue 10.09

Top 5 Snake Jewels: Snake Charmer

If you have a stressful job, one that has you lying with snakes, this is a sure way to fend them off! I have found that jewelry is very therapeutic. What you wear can be empowering, and there is definitely some mystical energy that emanates from precious stones (please don’t try to debunk my theory […]

Thu 08.23

Venna Necklaces: Life of the Party

What I love most about traveling in Asia is the discovery of new designers. The latest trove of treasures to catch my eye: Venna, a line of eclectic necklaces designed by Central St. Martin graduate Patrick Wong. Applying an array of Swarovski crystals, punky chains, pearls, and beads, some in neon brights and others in […]

Mon 07.02

High-Style Shells: Bring the Beach

I’m in a touristy mood lately. There is no beach vacation without coming home with some sort of seashell trinket. But just because I’m after beachcomber souvenirs doesn’t mean I’m interested in looking like a dorky adventurer. Instead of a typical and cheesy Waikiki puka-shell necklace, these pieces offer that same laidback surfside feel – […]

Mon 06.25

Gabriel Frantzen Sense & Sensibility Collection: Come To Your Senses

In the Jane Austen novel of the same name, we meet two sisters who couldn’t be more different: one exuding spirit, spontaneity, and emotion, the other all about caution and control. While German-born designer Gabriele Frantzen’s Sense & Sensibility collection of necklaces and bracelets exudes much more caprice than prudence (I don’t see anything cautious […]

Fri 04.06

Top 5 Grunge-Goddess Jewels: Come As You Are

Put away the glitz! Grunge-inspired gear is suddenly showing up everywhere for the coming seasons, from slipdresses to chunky boots to flashes of plaid flannel. Now, I’m not saying going all Courtney Love on me (I was there the first time, and it wasn’t always pretty!), but a jewel with a hardened, “Who me? I […]

Thu 04.05

Alexander McQueen Spiral Twin Skull Ring: To Have and To Hold

If I were in high school, this would be a totally acceptable and fashionable promise ring (symbolizing the promise to not be a jerk, not the promise of marriage. No one should be thinking of marriage in high school!). Or if you’re already married or in a relationship, your supremely hip and cool man can […]

Fri 03.30

Givenchy Silver Shark Necklace: Water Baby

For Givenchy’s Spring 2012 collection, Riccardo Tisci delivered one of his most stirring visions to date. Think under the sea gone sleek. Paying homage to surfers and mermaids (and everything in between!), he conjured up sexy suits with eel- and stingray-skin trim, skintight pants with liquid-like glimmer, and shark-tooth heels. Gigantic shark teeth also entered […]

Thu 03.29

Top 5 Wild-Animal Rings: The Glass Menagerie

When all of your animal-print clothes, bags, and shoes start to feel a little tired (at least for a moment or two), yet you still want some sense of the untamed in your wardrobe, look no further than a bold ring that belongs in the wild. Animals like panthers, foxes, elephants, and snakes may be […]