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Sterling Silver
Thu 04.19

Laurent Gandini Earrings: The New Victorians

Like looking into a perfectly crafted kaleidoscope, these earrings are delicate, intricate and mesmerizingly beautiful. Laurent Gandini found a muse in pieces of Venetian lace and traditional embroideries, and brought the look to life with these concisely cut pieces. They have a sizable drop, which I’m not usually a huge fan of, but the ultimate […]

Mon 04.16

LAGOS Caviar Collection: Order Your Caviar to Wear

After experimenting in sculpting, drawing, and painting, Steven Lagos developed more than an appreciation for fine art. The now-master jeweler started his Lagos line in 1977. He cites the wearer of his jewels as “elegant, timeless, and classic.” Isn’t that what we all aspire to? The enticingly titled Caviar collection nails it. Tiny, decadent fish […]

Thu 02.09

Tiffany’s Engraved Jewels: Say It with Tiffany’s

The gift of jewelry is personal as it is, but a piece that’s been engraved just for you? That’s another level, one that’s meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Nobody knows this better than Tiffany & Co. Order one of their engraved designs by 12noon on February 13th, and a customized gift will be […]

Thu 02.02

Ax + Apple: Shipwrecked and Fabulous

Inspired by shipwreck remains and treasures lost at sea, Ax + Apple is all for “making things like they used to.” The result: super-cool, antique-y jewelry with an Indian vibe. Each piece feels like a rare vintage discovery. Think casts of maple pods and sterling-silver bows. Necklaces with pocket-knives (the James II has an abalone […]

Mon 12.12

Yours by Loren Launches Tonight on HSN!

Any genuine Jewel Snob has swooned over and likely pined for Loren Ridinger‘s haute couture-worthy line of jewels. The only issue is Loren Jewels also tend to come with an haute-couture price tag. Pine no more! Loren’s highly anticipated line with HSN moderately priced from $199-$1,399, Yours by Loren, has finally launched! You can watch […]

Mon 12.05

Aesa Pendant Necklaces: Every Thorn Has Its Rose

Thorns and swords that look gentle and sweet? Most jewels don’t walk this fine line, but Aesa’s latest pendants take the themes of weaponry and skin-pricking objects and turn it into something truly feminine. Mystical, ethereal, and a tad medieval, these necklaces look like they have been hand-melded with rugged delicacy. The Mirror Thorn pendant […]

Thu 10.13

Tiffany & Co. Locks Bangles: Under Lock and Key

Who knew shackles could be so fashionable? And we’re not talking about the S&M crowd. Then again, who knew Tiffany & Co. could be so unorthodox? Whether you think their relatively new Locks serious – heart-shaped keyhole pendants, solid-gold padlocks, and yes, a great array of bangles – is delightfully kinky or just plain cool, […]

Fri 10.07

Paris Fashion Week Street Seen: Armed and Dangerous

While her spectacular Salvatore Ferragamo Ember clutch, chrome-tanned houndstooth snakeskin is fiercely eye-catching, it’s the heavily and menacingly layered silver cuffs and bracelet that make this look. Captured by Phil Oh in the midst of Paris Fashion Week, this mysterious girl has the blending of tough and chic accessories down pat. Excess looks cool when […]

Thu 10.06

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Sterling Silver Ring: You've Got to Weave to Believe

Can’t get enough woven goodness? Here’s a ring for the Bottega Veneta obsessed (guilty!). Yes, my love for their iconic – and addictive – intrecciato weave spills over past bags into shoes, belts, and yes, jewels. Nobody ever said it had to come in the form of buttery leather. Somehow, it can be just as […]