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Tacky Bling
Mon 04.30

Les Néréides Printed Metal Brittany Girl Earrings: Little Girls Lost

Are these totally creepy, or what? I don’t know what our new friend Brittany’s deal is, but I’m instantly reminded of the twins in The Shining, hands down scariest movie ever made…I’m getting chills just thinking about those foreboding little sisters. Seriously, what’s with the blank stare? Designed by French brand Les Néréides (based on … Continue reading Les Néréides Printed Metal Brittany Girl Earrings: Little Girls Lost

Wed 01.30

Bling for your Gear

Luxe gadgetry knows no bounds, as shown by Swarovski’s exclusive “Fashion Rocks” 2007 jewelry collection. Released in October, these compact, folding headphones, completely encrusted in amethyst crystals, come with a single-sided, specialized cord for low-loss conductivity and a stereo unimatch plug. $1,963 at Source:Forbes

Sun 12.02

Gucci Hoochie Bling

We were shopping the other day and passed the Gucci jewelry boutique on Via Rodeo II and I had thought the Gucci store moved from its former location (the two story monster in the middle of Rodeo Drive) but upon closer inspection, we realized it was the Gucci fine jewelry store. Uh, Gucci fine jewelry? … Continue reading Gucci Hoochie Bling

Sat 09.02

Bling is the new teeth

Lil’ John Remember your first kiss with dorky Billy from the 8th grade who had braces? You dumped him cuz your friends laughed at him and called him brace face. Now if only Billy had these $500,000 assher cut diamond ‘grillz’ on his teeth like Baby and Lil Wayne maybe you woulda thought twice before … Continue reading Bling is the new teeth