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Mon 11.19

Top 5 Turquoise Jewels: Healing Power

The abundance of turquoise in the Southwest has led Native Americans to jewel with this gem for centuries. But it’s been popular all throughout history – way back to Ancient Egypt! One reason people love it? It’s said to hold spiritual and healing qualities. Turquoise is one of the most vibrant colors found in nature […]

Fri 05.04

Anna Dello Russo x H&M: Excess for All

Who would ever imagine that the words “Anna Dello Russo” and “H&M” would be indelibly linked? Marking one of the ultimate high-low collaborations, the passionate fashion editor (she’s Editor-at-Large for Vogue Nippon and likely the most vivacious dresser in Milan) is teaming up with the High Street chain for an appropriately decadent line of accessories. […]

Wed 01.18

Top 5 Colorful Jewels: Look on the Bright Side

Don’t leave the color just to your bags, shoes, and couture – why should they have all the fun? Jewels aren’t just about white diamonds and neutral metals. So get brave with it, and spread the color around; my top picks are all different types of jewels. Just don’t wear them all at once or […]

Mon 12.12

Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings: Give Me an Earful!

What could be better than giving jewels to your girlfriend, sister, mother, or wife? I love the idea of refusing to wait for men to give us jewels – the exchange between girls can be even more special. And what could be better than this intriguing earring collection by Kendra Scott (and at such an […]

Wed 09.14

Dannijo Spring 2012 Collection: All that Glitters Doesn't Have to be Gold

Photos: Refinery29 “A modern take on remnants of the past.” That’s how Dannijo describes their latest collection, a colorful mishmash of sparkle and grit. The design duo continues to show off their knack for combining the kitsch and the classical, and they deliver an eclectic array their fans will love. They were thinking of Indonesian […]

Mon 09.12

Pamela Love Spring 2012 Collection: A Love for North Africa

Photos: Fashionologie Pamela Love‘s costume jewels have always had an exotic, dug-from-the-ground or plundered-from-the-sea feel. But they’ve never necessarily evoked a place. They’ve always fit right into the downtown girl’s urban landscape. No more! For her Spring 2012 collection, Pamela was inspired by Morocco. She actually couldn’t stop daydreaming about the far-off place, and it […]

Wed 08.17

Van Cleef & Arpels Bals de Légende: What Legends Are Made Of

Jewels have the potential to transcend time and place, to distort our own less sparkling realities into something more romantic and enable us to fantasize. No jewelry house seems to understand this like Van Cleef & Arpels. Their recent collection, Bals de Legende, is inspired by the greatest parties in history and spans references from […]

Mon 06.13

Sophie Blake Pearl and Turquoise Crystal Bib Necklace: Accessorized and Dangerous

Jewelry is getting more and more dangerous-looking – and I like it! Sticks and stones may break our bones, but spikes on jewels add style! While I’m going to say Sophie Blake’s bib necklace is more possible self-defense tool than menacing weapon, in turquoise crystals, freshwater pearls, and your choice of 18-karat gold or sterling […]

Wed 05.18

Lisa Stewart Cluster Earrings: Turquoise Delight

To me, nothing says “summertime chic” louder than turquoise jewels. Earthy, gypsy-perfect, popping against sheer whites, and the color of sun-pierced tropical ocean water: turquoise just might be the most uplifting mineral around! These long, dangly, and upliftingly priced 14-karat gold-plated Lisa Stewart earrings inject a sprinkling of aqua-blue beads, to frame your face and […]