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White Gold
Fri 05.24

Royal Asscher Stars of Africa: Galaxies of Light

In 1902, Joseph Asscher invented the now famous Asscher cut, a stepped square style with cropped corners. While this remains one of the jewelry industry’s most beloved designs, his family didn’t stop there – they developed the Royal Asscher cut in 2001, naming it after their thriving diamond empire. The style plays off of the […]

Mon 03.25

Best Mini Rings: It’s a Small World

Being petite myself, I love anything Lilliputian-sized. My latest obsession is stacking miniature rings. It used to be in poor taste to wear a ring on each finger, but at these sizes, you can wear dozens on one hand alone. The delicate styles are fun ways to trick out your hands without looking gaudy. Give […]

Tue 02.26

Tomasz Donocik x Alexander McQueen: Dragonfly Jewels

Not all insects should become jewels. A prime example? The cockroach. I’m not saying there isn’t a gem out there fashioned after one, but if there is, it’s probably not selling very well. Dragonflies, on the other hand, are like pure gold. With beautiful wings and a non-bloodsucking diet, they’re pretty likable little things. London-based […]

Wed 02.13

Scarab Jewels: The Beetles Come to America

In Ancient Egypt, scarab jewels were all the rage. These amulets were thought to transform your body and soul, so they were especially popular as gifts and grave goods – (seems a little late to be baiting good fortune, but the Egyptians were all about the afterlife). Interestingly enough, these jewels have had a resurgence […]

Thu 01.31

Chanel Première Bands: Ring Tones and Stones

Anytime you can stack jewels, I’m in! That’s why these new Chanel rings are going to catch on quickly. There are options to fit every taste – precious pink, white, or yellow gold all with or without diamonds. Instead of plain jane strips of metal, Chanel takes its sophisticated touch and breaks the mold to […]

Tue 01.29

Amanda Seyfried x Lorraine Schwartz: Pendant Necklaces

Seeing Amanda Seyfried accessorize her gorgeous Zac Posen gown with a long Lorraine Schwartz pendant necklace was such a refreshing, interesting style choice. The Les Mis star went with a pretty minimal look, and I don’t think it would have worked without the diamond and lavender jade art deco-inspired bauble. We’re not used to seeing […]

Thu 12.27

Best Rhodium Jewels: Rhodium Roundup

Even though it was only discovered 200 years ago, rhodium has a dark, romantic look to it that calls back to centuries ago. It’s not a fact that you hear thrown around a lot, but this metal is the most expensive in the world (chemically, it’s a platinum metal). It’s also one of the most […]

Mon 12.24

Lydia Courteille Jewels: Lydia in Wonderland

Lydia Courteille wanted her jewels to create a dream-like state of mind for their wearers, and she did that and more! The jeweler has brought to life a fantasy that we all want to believe in when we step into the world of fashion – that there is beauty beyond this world that can change […]

Fri 12.21

Federico Primiceri Jewels: Playing Pac-Man

This one is a little strange. Italian jeweler Federico Primiceri has crafted fine jewels based on the video game Pac-Man. Using diamonds, sapphires, and gold, he recreated moments from the game featuring both the hungry little yellow ball and the colorful ghosts who follow him. There are four pieces up for grabs, the first of […]