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Fri 05.17

Top 5 Uncommon Collars: Quick Change Artists

Have some old outfits that need refreshing? The quickest way to bring them back to life is with an eye-catching collar. This coral-shaped design from Kara Ross (on Kara Ross for $315) was crafted out of slick black resin and wrapped it in gold-plating and crystals. Toss it over a your favorite white t-shirt, slip […]

Tue 04.23

Woodsy Jewels: Forces of Nature

Earth Month is a nice reminder to appreciate all things natural, but the look never goes out of style. While often you see jewels modeled after woodsy elements like leaves or flowers, it’s better to just go for the actual organic materials. Horn and wood give you that relaxed feel that’s perfect for summer (especially […]

Fri 11.09

Top 5 Chunky Chains: Chains of Love

I wish there was a trend for chunky asses, but while we wait for that to come around (and don’t hold your breath), chunky chain necklaces can be an amusing distraction. The phrase “the bigger, the better” certainly applies here! Heavy knit sweaters are comfy winter wear, but don’t let your accessories get lost in […]

Wed 11.07

The Woods Fine Jewels: Forest Goddesses

The Woods sisters have been my favorite jewel designers for years, so when they came to town for a trunk show, needless to say, I was there with my credit card in hand! I was pleased to see that their commitment to natural materials remains strong with the line’s old mine cut diamonds juxtaposed against […]

Wed 08.29

Top 5 Pristine Pendants: A Penchant for Pendants

Sometimes one good thing is all you need. A statement pendant gets you noticed fast, without the obviousness of a chunky, clunky necklace. There’s a certain je nais se quoi about wearing something so striking yet so simple. From emerging butterflies to shooting stars, here are a few of my favorite pendants: 1. Marni Pendant […]

Mon 08.20

Top 5 Under $50: The Smart Money

Savvy snobs know that no amount of money can buy good taste or style. The sharpest of savants also know that the right accessories can convert last season’s old wardrobe into this season’s must-haves. With that in mind, here are the best jewels under $50 to perk up your fall season, no commitment required: 1. […]

Tue 10.18

Objets d'Envy Rings: Knock on Wood

There is something about the natural modesty of wood, the inherent earthiness, that sets the ideal stage for showcasing the brilliance of bling. Opposites attract, and this sparkle wouldn’t look quite so sparkly on a shiny metal. That could explain my recent obsession with wood jewelry! Objets d’Envy have taken dark wood and elevated it […]

Tue 06.14

Jen's Pirate Booty Wooden Bangle Set: You Better Knock on Wood

A free-spirited, asymmetrical mix make this bangle set resemble driftwood. Plundered from the forest and uniquely carved – what could be more relaxed and romantic? I love wooden accessories: the anti-bling of jewels, their organic feel will soften any look. Especially in the summer, shining, glittering, count-your-karats jewelry can get a bit harsh. Jen‘s Pirate […]

Wed 10.20

New Lanvin Wood and Leather Collection

I told you I wasn’t totally kidding about wood being the next thing. Fashion is finicky but it’s not so finicky that things shift in literally ONE day, this wood look is still fresh on the scene and has not been adopted by the masses, yet. We are still on chains but if you like […]