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Wed 02.04
Top Chunky Heels

Top Chunky Heels: A Weighty Issue

Those with weak ankles, rejoice! And pretty much all of us can enjoy a break from sky-high stilettos. Because it’s all about the chunky heel right now. When working a heel with some heft, it’s important the shoe have some feminine details. Otherwise, the look gets trashy way too quickly.

Mon 01.05

Paneling: New Kids on the Block

Colorblock, print block, texture block…whether you like yours via sexy mesh inserts on mini dresses or wool panels on winter coats, I’ve found nearly two dozen pieces to choose from, and some of them are even on sale!

Wed 12.17

Best Bags to Shop with: Shopper’s Delights

This one’s for all the mall warriors and department store troopers braving the last-minute holiday crowds.

Tue 12.09

Balenciaga Maillon Trapeze Leather Crossbody Bag: I Just Want Closure

Three words: Such great hardware. Sometimes a genius metal closure is all it takes to fully update a classic shape, and the fastening on this Balenciaga leather crossbody bag is simply amazing.

Thu 12.04
Top 5 Designer Trainers

Top 5 Designer Trainers: The Gym Class

While there’s been no shortage of designer sneakers within the last year, it wasn’t until Mary Katrantzou’s Adidas collaboration that I really got excited about the trend.

Tue 11.25

Balenciaga Padlock Work M Leather Tote: The Front-Runner

From ordinary to extraordinary: your average tote, the one featuring an oversized pocket on the front, has just become a covetable, eye-popping bag that’s just as great for work as it is for play.

Mon 11.10

Fall Boot Roundup: Celebrity Favorites

Fall is in full swing and there’s nothing better than a good pair of boots to carry you through the colder weather.

Mon 11.03
Balenciaga Cabas Nylon and Leather Tote

Balenciaga Cabas Nylon and Leather Tote: Work and Play

Here’s a fun, easy tote that’s equally great for travel and the gym. I just wish it was priced for such casual activities. Coming in at just over a grand, the price of Balenciaga’s new Cabas tote still isn’t bad for what it is, but obviously I’m not going to toss sweaty gym shoes in here.

Fri 10.24
Top Nude Bags

Top Nude Bags: Neutral Nation

My nude obsession continues. Actually, it’s only gaining steam. After a streak of blindingly bright neon trends, all things washed out have never looked chicer.