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Charles Philip
Tue 09.24
Design through the Decades

Design through the Decades: The 2010s

Okay, we’re not even halfway through the decade, so there are certainly more trends to come! But we already spotted quite a few, ranging from vampy cutout shoes to simple ballet flats. It seems that we’ve finally learned to mix style and comfort. There’s a little something for everyone, whether you like a bird’s eye view atop skyscraper heels or prefer to stay grounded.

Mon 12.31

Most Surprising Shoe of 2012: Smoking Slipper

I never thought there’d come a day when not only would I be wearing smoking slippers but pony hair smoking slippers in leopard! Hugh Hefner must be feeling ahead of the trend right about now. My pair are from Charles Phillip Shanghai (at Neiman Marcus for $123) similar to Miranda Kerr’s. They’re the perfect addition of texture […]

Thu 12.06

Best of Cruise Shoes: Blues Cruise

People who hate cruises just haven’t done them right. I’ve taken tons of cruises around the world (still need to do a South America Patagonia one), and I promise, it’s the absolute best way to see multiple cities in one trip without the hassle of constantly moving in and out of hotels. Plus, instead of […]

Fri 11.23

Top 5 Marbleized Shoes: Finding Your Marbles

Real marble may be cold and hard, but these shoes will warm up your style! Like the great sculptures of the past, these pieces of art are constructed in marble (well, not the actual stuff – that would make walking pretty challenging). The unique effect can take a simple look to the next level, while […]