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Nicholas Kirkwood
Wed 02.12
Nicholas Kirkwood Fall/Winter 2014

Nicholas Kirkwood Fall/Winter 2014: Getting to the Point

The Nicholas Kirkwood Fall/Winter 2014 collection gets straight to the point. A sleek pointed toe defines almost every shoe in the collection from snakeskin heels to flat boots.

Mon 12.30
Ankle Strap Slinky Sandals

Ankle Strap Sandals: Thin is In

In the New Year there is one sandal that you must have on your feet – the ankle strap slinky sandal. It’s sexy, ladylike, and best of all, will keep you on top of your pedicures!

Wed 12.18
Resort Flat Sandals

Resort Flat Sandals: Shoes Well

When’s your next tropical getaway? With any luck, it’s coming up soon because I’ve picked out the top Resort sandals, flats so wonderful that you’ll go book a trip right now just to find occasion to wear them!

Mon 10.28
TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art Auction

TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art Auction: Going Once, Going Twice…

Always wanted to be the star of a glamorous style shoot? Fashion photographer Tommy Ton is auctioning off a personal session in NYC (value: $30,000), and the funds raised are going to a couple of truly great causes!

Mon 09.23
Flats vs. Heels

Flats vs. Heels: Sole Sisters

I may have survived fashion week, but my feet didn’t. I do like to complain about shoe discomfort. Like my husband has said again and again, “You are at the comfort stage of life.” Fine, I accept that. At least I know that about myself and can plan out my life accordingly, but Fashion Week is the exception. The heels had to come out, and I had to prepare to be in them for 14 hours a day.

Mon 08.05
Top 5 Fall’s Best Reds

Fall’s Best Reds: Scarlet Fever

Better off red? Absolutely! When stocking up on essentials for fall, don’t overlook the color of desire, passion, and strength. Sure, it’s probably the most aggressive shade in the spectrum, but that’s a good thing. More importantly, red is the ultimate anti-neutral neutral. It’s as bold as colors come, yet it goes with everything.

Tue 07.30
Essential Winter Boots

Essential Winter Boots: Fun and Function

It’s always disappointing when the time comes to store your chic summer sandals away for another year. Fill that void by indulging in a slew of stylish winter boots! Just don’t let yourself get carried away with buying ones that are all for the same purpose or occasion.

Mon 06.24
Wicked Booties

Wicked Booties: Good to be Bad

Sometimes it’s good to be bad. Call it necessary evil. Buckles, cap toes, killer heels and hues – these are wicked shoes for a wickedly chic Snob. With the pointed toe pump trend going strong, there’s no better time to indulge in sharp styles like these. Stock up now for fall! A leather jacket, some … Continue reading Wicked Booties: Good to be Bad

Wed 06.19

Nicholas Kirkwood Sculpted Wedge Pumps: Ride the Waves

Take a look in your closet. Odds are all the pumps have similar silhouettes (the main difference being whether or not they’re platforms). It’s time to introduce a little more spice into our shoe collections – or sugar, I should say. These gold Nicholas Kirkwood wedges look like they’re made from delectable ribbon candy that’ll … Continue reading Nicholas Kirkwood Sculpted Wedge Pumps: Ride the Waves