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Thu 04.09

Engage Organics Salt-Free Seasoning Blends

Eating healthy isn’t always exciting. In fact it’s usually not exciting at all. While the best, most flavorful sauces and condiments tend to be diet killers, seasonings are a fantastic, low-calorie way to brighten up drab dishes, especially if you’re someone who tends to eat the same thing for dinner every day.

Tue 04.07
David's Tea Launches Flavored Matcha and a Matcha Shaker

David’s Tea Launches Flavored Matcha and a Matcha Shaker

I’ve been matcha-obsessed for years and that obsession hit an all-time high when I went to Japan last year. Up until recently, however, it was pretty hard to find good matcha and even harder to find some at a reasonable price.

Fri 03.27

What Does a Nutritionist Eat for Lunch?

Curious what a nutritionist eats for lunch? I was so I asked Priti Bhatt, a nutritionist and plant-based chef on faculty at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts, to share with us two of her favorite healthy recipes!

Wed 03.25
Freeze-Dried Fruit

Freeze-Dried Fruit: The Healthy Snack You’re Probably Not Eating

If you came to my apartment you might think I’m on the Jerry Seinfeld diet…so much cereal!!! I seriously could eat half a box without a problem, all the while the fruits and veggies I’ve been ambitiously buying are going to waste in my fridge.

Fri 03.06

Healthy Breakfast Bowls that Taste Amazing

Anyone else obsessed with breakfast bowls? I blame In My Bowl! I actually don’t eat breakfast; I never have. I get up early, and I’d rather sleep than eat plus there’s an increasing amount of research that shows working out on an empty stomach is actually good…

Tue 03.03
A Touch of Style

A Touch of Style: The Look Book

Whether it’s with a hairstyle, red bottoms, or a brand new bag, we put a lot of emphasis on the way we portray ourselves, but we often forget about the look of our homes. Not to worry! Carlos Mota is ready to bring A Touch of Style to your abode.

Fri 02.27

Grounds & Hounds Coffee

This might sound crazy and I’m not religious, but I’ve always felt like God was looking out for me and sending me signs (clearly he has nothing more important to do than send me signs…).

Mon 02.09
Honors in Organizing

Honors in Organizing: A Wardrobe in Order

As we enter the second month of 2015, it’s now time to move past temporary resolutions and towards the long-term goals we actually should incorporate into our lives. High up on everyone’s lists? Cleaner, more organized closets.

Thu 02.05

Daniel’s Sommelier on the 8 Things You Need to Know About Wine

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by a Bible-sized wine list at a highbrow restaurant or wondered how to best pair your food with wine, we’ve got answers for you.