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Wed 01.28

The Pros and Cons of Bulletproof Coffee

Everyone and their mother has been talking about how butter is the new “it” ingredient thanks to the rise in popularity of bulletproof coffee.

Tue 01.27
Good Bites Delivers Healthy, Raw Bites

Good Bites Delivers Healthy, Raw Bites

I’m usually crunched for time, and when I’m not, I tend to be just plain lazy. I grab whatever is easy and rarely ever actually fire up the stove. Healthy snacks are key. What I love about raw, vegan snacks is that they can be decadent while also being good for you.

Fri 01.09
Splendid Spoon soups

The Splendid Spoon: Will You Be Soup Cleansing?

So after a super foodie trip to Israel during which I ate my weight in hummus, pita, and babka (only to come back to NYC for Thanksgiving and about a month straight of non-stop cheat days), I thought, why not try something new and do a soup cleanse?

Wed 01.07

Prepackaged, Healthy Snacks that Actually Taste Great

Don’t get me wrong; I do love apples and carrots sticks, but most days they’re not enough to satisfy my in-between-meal cravings. Unfortunately the old saying goes abs are made in the kitchen, and it couldn’t be more true.

Fri 01.02

The Best DIY Baking Kits (Including One for Homemade Doggie Treats!)

I love hosting people at my apartment. My thing is having themed food parties. I’ve done Momofuku, Pure Food and Wine (i.e. raw vegan theme), and most recently Jew food-themed. The problem is while I love to host, I don’t love to cook.

Thu 01.01

Daily Harvest: Ready to Blend Smoothie Packs

Lots of traveling, a hectic schedule, and a mother who does a lot of cooking and lives across the street has pretty much made me give up on using my Vitamix these last few months. That all changed however when my friend, currently a student at Columbia Business School, introduced me to Daily Harvest…

Tue 12.30

5 Tips for Ushering in a Happy New Year

New York-based life and recovery coach (and former model) Natasha Silver Bell works with clients on a daily basis to help them lead more fulfilling lives, so, because the New Year can be filled with anxiety, we turned to her for her top five tips for ushering in a happy new year. Here’s what she shared with us!

Mon 12.29
The Art of the Thank You Note

The Art of the Thank You Note: Rule of Three

You got all of those wonderful gifts from family and friends. Now it’s time to show your appreciation! Make sure your thank you notes are just right with tips from guest author and etiquette expert Kimberly Schlegel Whitman…

Mon 12.22
A Pinterest Holiday

A Pinterest Holiday: Wrapped Up in Christmas

We’re coming down to the wire! There are only three days left until Christmas, and with all of the chaos, I know you could use a bit of fun to make it through until the big day.