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Fri 11.20
Everything But the Stuff She Already Has

Everything But the Stuff She Already Has: The Ultimate Gift Basket for Ultimate Woman

Women who have it all are very difficult to shop for: Their closets are filled with designer clothes and Snobby bags, and they’re dripping in the most expensive diamonds money can buy. So what to get them?

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Tue 11.17
The Snob Guide to Vienna

Vienna: A Snob Getaway

When I first got to Vienna, I saw a shirt that read “there are no kangaroos in Austria,” which made me laugh because there was a shocking number of people who thought that when I said I was going to Austria, I meant Australia!

Wed 10.28
The Best Box Subscriptions

The Best Box Subscriptions: Thinking Outside the Box

I have searched the entire Internet (okay, almost the entire Internet) for the best box subscriptions out there, and these are my favorites. I didn’t pick a clothing box for women because we know you Snobs out there have that area covered.

Mon 10.26

Sharp’s Tea-Ceré: The Espresso Machine Gets a Tea Makeover

I’ve been matcha-obsessed for years. The obsession hit a new high when I traveled around Japan two years ago and now, finally, matcha is getting the attention it deserves Stateside.

Thu 10.22
Loliware: A Disposable Cup That You Can EAT

Loliware: A Disposable Cup That You Can EAT

Shark Tank is undoubtedly my guilty pleasure. When I’m having a bad day I’ll often spend the night at home watching a mini marathon of episodes. No matter the entrepreneur in question, it’s endlessly inspiring to see people go after their dreams and pursue their ideas…

Wed 10.14

The Glam Guide to Portugal

An ideal vacation in my book is one that combines sightseeing with relaxation, gourmet meals, and some kind of physical activity. Mykonos, Capri, St. Tropez…they all offer this, but so does Portugal, an oft-overlooked travel destination.

Wed 10.07
Learning How to Cook with Blue Apron

Learning How to Cook with Blue Apron

Cooking is one of those skills like skiing, golfing, or playing tennis…you don’t need to know how to do it, but it sure helps in many social aspects.

Wed 09.30

Banza: Chickpea Pasta

Oddly enough, I heard about Banza from an American – celebrity fitness trainer Kira Stokes. I say odd because I’ve been spending a good part of the year in Tel Aviv, home of the chickpea, and Banza is a high-protein pasta made from chickpeas.

Mon 09.28

The Birchbox for Tea: Plum Deluxe

I’m obsessed with tea! It’s certainly a miracle that my teeth don’t look like candy corn at this point. As with anything, however, the more you indulge in something, the more discerning your palette gets. With that said, this is for you tea Snobs.