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Thu 01.28
SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic: The Ultimate Detox Vacation

A detox vacation doesn’t exactly sound relaxing, much less enjoyable. I’ve been on a few in the US, including one at Canyon Ranch, and they were miserable. For lack of a better way of saying it, all my previous experiences left me feeling like I was vacationing on a fat farm; worse yet, I gained weight after leaving Canyon Ranch because the food was so horrible I spent my days overeating granola mixes, bars, and energy snacks that were high in sugar and calories. Turns out, as with many other things, Europeans do detox better.

Tue 11.17
The Snob Guide to Vienna

Vienna: A Snob Getaway

When I first got to Vienna, I saw a shirt that read “there are no kangaroos in Austria,” which made me laugh because there was a shocking number of people who thought that when I said I was going to Austria, I meant Australia!

Wed 10.14

The Glam Guide to Portugal

An ideal vacation in my book is one that combines sightseeing with relaxation, gourmet meals, and some kind of physical activity. Mykonos, Capri, St. Tropez…they all offer this, but so does Portugal, an oft-overlooked travel destination.

Fri 10.02
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El Camino Travel: Travel with a Personal Photographer

Put your selfie stick down! El Camino Travel is a new group travel service that organizes trips for you and your friends (you can also go as an individual if you’re looking to meet new people), and sends a professional photographer along with the group.

Thu 09.17
A Luxury Pool and Spa in the Middle of the Desert

A Luxury Pool and Spa in the Middle of the Desert

A pool in the middle of the desert? That’s right. Beresheet Hotel offers the ultimate in luxury. I just spent a night there and took the above picture myself and I still can’t believe that it’s real! I have traveled all over the world and I have never seen such a thing.

Wed 09.02

Mizpe Hayamim: Next-Level Canyon Ranch

I went to the Lenox Canyon Ranch about four years ago and had the worst experience. The food was awful, the rooms were old, and I felt like I was in a fat farm.

Tue 08.25

Top 5 Long Weekend Must-Haves: It’s the Little Things

Right about now, you’re probably feeling pangs of end-of-summer sadness, but there’s still more outdoor fun to be had – namely, in the upcoming long weekends. Labor Day, Columbus Day…these are great occasions for hightailing it out of town

Wed 07.22
Club Med Bali

Club Med Bali: The Honest Truth about Club Med

We all want to take that trip of cultural immersion in which you walk the entire city, visiting museums, churches, temples, and landmarks, peacefully drinking rosé at quaint cafes, etc. But if you have your kids with you, none of these activities are interesting to them, and without even trying, they will ruin all of them.

Tue 06.23

Mykonos Travel Guide: The Ultimate Summer Getaway

Right up there with Capri, St. Tropez, and Biarritz is Mykonos. It’s one of the world’s most awe-inspiring vacation destinations and now, with the euro at a low and Greece in financial turmoil, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to visit the beautiful Greek island.