Tot Snob
Wed 07.02
Mini Melissa Sugar Rhino Boots

Mini Melissa Sugar Rhino Boots: Bring on the Rain

These tiny rhino boots are so cute you’ll wish it would start sprinkling outside (especially if you’re living through the California drought!).

Thu 06.19
3C4G Towel Sets

3C4G Towel Sets: Bag It Up

The official start of summer is just two days away, and that means swim class, pool parties, and trips to the beach are already penciled in! To keep the madness at bay, get your tot one of these 3C4G sets…

Wed 05.21
Summer Favorites for Girls

Summer Favorites for Girls: Precious Cargo

The constant shopping for your tot’s wardrobe can be fun but also daunting at times, so I’ve taken out the guesswork with a roundup of girly summer essentials – heart-embellished sandals, floral appliqués on hats, and pink dresses accented ever so subtly with a silver, glittery sheen.

Wed 04.16
Top 5 Springtime Dresses

Top 5 Springtime Dresses: Flower Girls

We love to dress in florals for spring, and our tots are no different. Plus, they look much more precious doing it!

Mon 03.10
Oscar de la Renta Childrenswear Trunk Show

Oscar de la Renta Childrenswear Trunk Show: Spring Forward

It may not be spring yet, but Oscar de la Renta childrenswear is already making its Fall/Holiday collection available – and at 15% off! They will be holding a trunk show tomorrow through Thursday at the Madison Avenue flagship. Take a look at the pieces in advance and RSVP here…

Wed 02.05
Harper Beckham x Marie-Chantal Duffle Coat

Harper Beckham x Marie-Chantal Duffle Coat: Combating the Cold

Victoria Beckham just landed in NYC for Fashion Week, and already she and daughter Harper are the chicest mom-tot team in town. While the designer sported a coat from her own collection upon arrival at JFK, tot Harper wore one from mom’s friend Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece.

Wed 02.05
Woodmobiel Standard Kit

Woodmobiel Standard Kit: Building Blocks

No matter how much they were pleaded for, most toys are junk and lose their appeal to tots approximately 10 minutes after they’ve been opened. I just went through my garage, and half of the space was filled with unwanted toys. Much like Mom Snobs and their bags, kids need just a few versatile, quality pieces to keep them happy. It also doesn’t hurt that this will save said Mom Snobs money and garage space!

Thu 01.23
Fairytale Garden from Chuckle Farm

Fairytale Garden from Chuckle Farm: Plant the Seed

Gardening with your tots is the single best way to teach them about food and health. They will eat what they grow and love the entire process. I do not have a green thumb but I try my best to keep a garden with my kids – a very small and manageable garden. Chuckle Farm has kits for kids that are perfect for my style of gardening.

Tue 12.31
Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bed in Natural Lime Wood

Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bed in Natural Lime Wood: Climb into Bed

A handmade treehouse bed is one any tot would love, including a grown tot like myself! Those who hate bedtime will suddenly be much more excited to hit the hay. This is also great for families who live in less temperate regions where outdoor treehouses get little use. Besides, the charm is that Mathy By Bols is bringing the outdoors, indoors!