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Wed 04.06

Auggie Twin Duvet Covers and Sham: Good Night and Good Bedding

When it comes to bedding for my tots, even though I am a bit of a linen snob, I won’t go as far as Yves Delorme. Thank goodness I don’t have to now that I’ve found the perfect line, Auggie. It’s the right balance between the gorgeous but too dainty and precious Serena & Lily … Continue reading Auggie Twin Duvet Covers and Sham: Good Night and Good Bedding

Wed 03.23

Phil & Teds Nest Bed

For those parents who travel and move about, the biggest question is always, “Should we bring the crib?”. No, just kidding. You can’t bring the crib. Or can you? The long standing stand in for the crib has been the Pack ‘N Play but that is a lot of metal for what essentially can be … Continue reading Phil & Teds Nest Bed

Mon 12.27

Legacy Home “Gorgeous” Bed Linens

My fantasy when I had girls was having a beautifully girly bedroom for them with frilly sheets and throw pillows galore. But it was beyond my control and they opted for Barbie and fairy sheets. If it was up to me, their room would look like this. Essentially, a room that I would want =) … Continue reading Legacy Home “Gorgeous” Bed Linens

Mon 10.25

Petit Bebe Leander Junior Bed

This is an adorable transition bed that is totally different but not so far out there that it won’t work with the rest of your decor. You can take this modern but with the round shape it can just as easily fit in with traditional pieces. I love that there are no sharp corners, I … Continue reading Petit Bebe Leander Junior Bed

Thu 10.21

Chuckwagon Toddler Bed

I hear that Woody is the most popular costume this Halloween (my daughter is going as Jessie) so chances are, you have a bucking cowboy at home who would LOVE to sleep in this Chuckwagon bed. It is nothing short of a fantasy come true, he will feel like he is always dreaming even when … Continue reading Chuckwagon Toddler Bed

Fri 08.20

Serena & Lily Summer Sale

Get on the Serena & Lily Summer sale now before everything is gone! Everything from home decor, accessories to bedding is on sale and if you refer a friend you get $25 to shop with.  I wonder how much I’ll get for referring you guys 😉I love buying bedding, it’s a sickness really and the … Continue reading Serena & Lily Summer Sale

Thu 07.15

Go Bed Bug Toddler Bed Bumper

Wed 07.14

Wonder Bumpers Go Mama Go Designs

Tue 06.15

Nook Sleep Systems

This is the most unique crib mattress since the invention of the mattress itself! Sleep is the most important aspect of a newborn’s life, but it is also one fraught with the most anxiety for parents. This Nook Sleep System has taken every concern and issue into consideration to prolong sleep, promote health and reduce … Continue reading Nook Sleep Systems