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Best of Summer
Thu 03.10

Tierra Aqua Sandal: Cool Shoes for Fun in the Sun

A tri-color, crisscross-strapped sandal with close attention to detail: I haven’t seen a tot shoe like this ever before. With the open-toe yet protective front, feet are protected and toes still visible. Baby toes are so cute and would look even more adorable peaking out from the crossed straps. The style is airy and summery … Continue reading Tierra Aqua Sandal: Cool Shoes for Fun in the Sun

Mon 07.13

A Backseat Survival Kit

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How many times do you hear this before you want to pull over and throw a tantrum of your own? I have this naive notion that it is a good thing to teach my tots the virtue of patience … Continue reading A Backseat Survival Kit

Fri 07.10

Color Me Puzzle

Looks like any other puzzle, right? But you flip it over and it is a whole new game, it has the same puzzle without color to be interpreted and colored in by your tot. Creative and brain flexing all in one! This is perfect for travel because you are getting a puzzle that can be … Continue reading Color Me Puzzle

Fri 07.03

Gazillion Bubble Rocket

We all know how tots go bananas over bubbles, but it just isn’t that fun when the bubbles are made without some effort involved. Bubble machines kind of kill the joy. But then I don’t really want to hyperventilate from blowing bubbles for an hour. This Bubble Rocket get tots to make bubbles themselves with … Continue reading Gazillion Bubble Rocket

Wed 07.01

Uck Yuck Worms in Muck Pudding Kit

Boys love yucky mud and they really love worms, so you know they will go bonkers over this very special treat of mud, dirt and squiggly worms all served up in a planter pot! Just don’t tell them it is actually chocolate pudding, cookie crumbs and gummy worms. They do a version of this at … Continue reading Uck Yuck Worms in Muck Pudding Kit

Thu 06.25

Celeb Favorite Baby Eggi, Clothing with Conscience

OK you hipsters out there, here is the line you’ve been waiting for. Famed LA tattoo artist Mark Mahoney is designing a line for tots that is responsible, adorable and charitable. No wonder it is a celeb favorite among A-Listers like Angelina Jolie, Tori Spelling, Marcia Cross, Poppy Montgomery, Kim Raver and Jennie Garth, just … Continue reading Celeb Favorite Baby Eggi, Clothing with Conscience

Tue 06.23

Terry Monogrammed Beach Bag

If you have swim class this summer, please raise your hand. My daughter is taking swim class twice a week this summer and I already have issue with the tote bag I’m using for her swim gear. Things get kind of nasty in there with the sunscreen and musty wet clothes and towels. I find … Continue reading Terry Monogrammed Beach Bag

Tue 06.23

Madsen Bucket Cycles

This bike makes me wish I lived in a walking city again. Somewhere with a village or neighborhood that you can bike to, no hills and direct access to the street from your garage. I know, it sounds kind of specific but you would need all that for this Bucket Cycle to make sense. But, … Continue reading Madsen Bucket Cycles

Thu 06.18

Eberjey Swimwear for the Ultimate Pool Snob

This Animal Kingdom one-piece suit with pink ruffle trim ($70) is the play on adult themes that is appropriate and adorable. I tend to think animal prints on clothes is for grown ups only and most of the time, it is done in poor taste when made in tot styles. But this is gorgeous and … Continue reading Eberjey Swimwear for the Ultimate Pool Snob