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Mon 10.06
Best of Paris Fashion Week

Best of Paris Fashion Week: The Grand Finale

The closing of fashion month doesn’t just mean the chance to take a moment to look away from the runway (whether it be front-row or online). It’s time to reflect on the best bags of the Spring ’15 season, courtesy of the grand finale in the City of Lights.

Tue 08.19
Gary Hume x Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney x Gary Hume Collection: Works of Art

The passionate love affair between fashion and art continues, and the latest collaboration between high-end designers and fine artists is from Stella McCartney and British painter Gary Hume. Unlike the major statement made by Prada’s latest foray into the art world, this collection veers slightly more towards the understated side.

Mon 03.31
Front-Page News

Front-Page News: Snob Essentials Bag Launch!

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Women’s Wear Daily for making the launch of our Snob Essentials bag line today’s front-page news! As the name suggests, we have covered all the bag essentials a Snob needs, from clutches to backpacks to everyday totes. Using vegan leathers, we’ve designed the whole line within an affordable price range ($68 to $128) without sacrificing quality.

Fri 01.24
Stella McCartney Khaki Camo-Print Chain-Trim Rucksack

Stella McCartney Camo-Print Chain-Trim Rucksack: Made to Fade

Camouflage bags are a tricky business. The inherent irony about them is camo print was invented to blend in, but it doesn’t outside of the forest. And no, the urban jungle does not count. Actually, it’s a pattern that’s tough to wear if you’re not basically monochrome and free of other prints.

Mon 01.06
Stella McCartney Beckett Hobo

Stella McCartney Beckett Hobo: Red Means Stop…and Stare

We may have questioned the originality of Stella McCartney’s Beckett bag, but the Beckett hobo? It’s in a league all its own! This comes down to the Brit designer’s incomparable use of faux leather. A great hobo is hard to find. A vegan one? Even harder.

Thu 12.05
New to the NET-A-PORTER Sale

NET-A-PORTER Sale Gets Serious: McQueen, Givenchy, Proenza and Stella 50% Off

Another day, another set of designers added to the NET-A-PORTER sale! Now pieces you’ve been eyeing all season from Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Proenza Schouler, and Thakoon are discounted up to 50% off. Which are you most excited for? Wait, don’t answer – just go ahead and shop the sale!

Fri 10.18
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pretty in Pink Ribbons

In 2010 alone, 1.6 million new cases of breast cancer were discovered worldwide, and yet I have to admit that the disease was an abstract concept to me until a close friend was diagnosed last year. Watching her fight (and WIN!) has been one of the most inspiring experiences.

Mon 10.07
Top 5 Tartans

Top 5 Tartans: Raising the Red Flag

Okay, now that we’ve complied our wish lists for Spring 2014, let’s focus on the present – autumn! The hottest look of the season? Red tartan à la Stella and Céline. Just don’t wear multiple pieces together – you’ll look like a Scottish Halloween costume gone wrong.

Wed 08.14
Anne Hathaway x Freedom of Animals Melia

Anne Hathaway x Freedom of Animals Melia: Vegan Snob

Anne Hathaway has an easy, confident style that’s hard not to adore. She’s always carrying something unique – this time it’s Freedom of Animals’ black and teal Melia. Besides its standout look, the bag is also noteworthy for being vegan-friendly. Its NYC-based brand constructed it from vegetable-dyed, recycled faux leather and lined the interior in organic cotton.