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Thu 05.05

Joki Hanging Crow’s Nest

A place to hang out, literally! This is like part hammock and part 70’s style hanging chair (you know, those rattan kind!) and 100% fun for your tot. They love having a place of their own and what could be cozier and more secretive than this? Curl up with a good book or just to … Continue reading Joki Hanging Crow’s Nest

Mon 04.25

DIY Treehouse:” Sweet Dreams Are Made in Trees!

I am jealous; I want this treehouse. I am even more jealous that I’m not handy enough to make this myself (I would not be able to let my child sleep in it even if I did). This is something right out of the world of Peter Pan and his lost boys – a true … Continue reading DIY Treehouse:” Sweet Dreams Are Made in Trees!

Mon 04.18

The Land of Nod Tuffet Seaters: Sitting Pretty

The Land of Nod‘s vibrant tuffet seaters are ideal for indoors, outdoors, big people, little people! Sturdy and comfortable, they make my back happy, and that means everyone’s happy. For me the backyard is my top choice for a picnic setting (easier cleanup, too!), but they are also great for gathering around the coffee table, … Continue reading The Land of Nod Tuffet Seaters: Sitting Pretty

Mon 02.07

Stokke KEEP Complete

I kind of need this for myself. Well, we can all use more storage! This modular system can be configured for your specific needs and can grow with your tot. The closed cabinet side can be used for clothes and the other side for books and toys. Or I can use the whole thing for … Continue reading Stokke KEEP Complete

Wed 12.15

Amish Mission Potty Chair

Nothing fancy here, just a place to get down to business. I love everything country, I have this fantasy of living in the country with my own vegetable garden and big open airy space. But don’t get me wrong, I do require plumbing and washing machine, no outhouses for me thank you very much. Although … Continue reading Amish Mission Potty Chair

Tue 12.14

Bella Scalloped Round Chalkboard

Chalkboards don’t have to be rectangular and ugly, it can be as ornate and beautiful as a mirror, like this scalloped design. This is the perfect thing to put in the kitchen for reminders or for practicing words and spelling. I need all the reminders I can get, this morning I forgot I had a … Continue reading Bella Scalloped Round Chalkboard

Mon 12.13

notNeutral BB2 Table and Chairs Set

Form and function come together in this table and chair set. It is brightly colored for tots but the design is sleek and modern making it a sophisticated addition to fit in with the rigors of your decorating standards. Unlike some wood tables, namely the one I have, the polyurethane finish on this allows for … Continue reading notNeutral BB2 Table and Chairs Set

Fri 12.03

Pkolino Chalkboard Storage Bench

I just found writing all over the nice desk for my daughter’s room. And she wrote her name! Not very smart, is it? I explain and I explain and there must be a reset button that makes them forget everything once every few weeks. But maybe getting furniture they can write on so I won’t … Continue reading Pkolino Chalkboard Storage Bench

Fri 11.19

ducduc Dylan System

What you see here is one system that can be configured for your tot’s room until he/she goes to college (you can even send this to college!). So considering the function and versatility the money spent is a very wise investment! You can’t really get tired of it because all you need to do is … Continue reading ducduc Dylan System