Gadgets and Gear
Sat 06.26

Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit

Fun baby shower activity? Or cruel and unusual punishment? If you are the type to have naked pregnancy photos taken, then you’ll probably be all over this. This belly cast kit allows you to capture your belly in all it’s glory in only 30 minutes, you can get the whole family involved – whether you […]

Fri 06.11

Taga Bike & Stroller

Bike and stroll. Genius! If you are as frightened as I am of those front seats on bikes, then rest assured, there is a perfectly safe option that will give you a workout and get you to where you need while strolling your tot for the ride. Safely. This bike and stroller converts to a […]

Fri 06.04

The Tag*a*Long, Stroller Handle

This tag*a*long attaches to your stroller and acts as a handle for older siblings walking alongside or for antsy toddlers out of their strollers. It gives them a sense of freedom while giving you a sense of security. My older daughter always has to hang on to me, the stroller or my bag hanging off […]

Thu 06.03

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

I am ready to try yet another drying rack. I am just tired of fumbling with bits and pieces of sippy cups and what not, trying to get each piece in the designated slots. Yes, I am THAT lazy! With this, I can just wash and toss and not have to worry about things toppling. […]

Tue 05.18

International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2010

Over the weekend I went to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits Center mostly to see the fruits of Hugh Hayden (the designer/architect behind FUNature), and designer/architect Katie Vitale’s latest creation, FRAMEicariums — but ended-up spotting some additional fun finds along the way. With FRAMEicariums, Hayden and Vitale have turned childhood ant-farms into living works […]

Mon 05.03

Dyson Air Multiplier – Tot Safe Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier 12″ Silver With the summer approaching, you are probably dreading sitting through the heat with no fan. I personally will NOT allow fans in my house, there is just too much anxiety over the potential hazard of lost fingers. I would rather sweat from heat than from racked nerves. I am already […]

Fri 04.16

Summer Infant Tiny Diner

If you don’t already have this, it is one of those necessities you shouldn’t live without. New eater are not only messy, they do not particularly like to use plates and such. This is a must when you go out, you have no idea how clean (or not) the restaurant table is. Those rags they […]

Thu 04.15

Bugaboo Launches iPhone Holder

Bugaboo is assuming their customer base is the same as the iPhone and I think they are right. They are making it easier for us to be distracted while strolling our tots around with a new accessory, the iPhone Holder, that attaches to the handle for easy texting and talking. And yes, to listen to […]

Mon 04.05

Garden Glove for Kids by West County

If you haven’t done so already, it is time to plant some flowers and vegetables in your garden! And who better to do gardening with than your tots? My husband plants tomatoes every summer and it has become an annual father/daughter ritual. It is so cute and I love how he explains everything to her […]