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Wed 07.17
Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson Launches Post Pregnancy DVD

I don’t like very many workouts, but the ones I do like – I like a lot – and very much look forward to doing them. For the most part I go to Pure Yoga and Barry’s Bootcamp, but the last few weekends I’ve been taking classes at Tracy Anderson’s Hamptons studio and her classes are awesome! I’m completely obsessed with her Dance Cardio.

Fri 05.03

Phresh Yoga Mats: Fun and Fitness

After graduating from UC Berkley, yoga teacher Bobbi Hamilton decided to dedicate her career to reversing the childhood obesity epidemic in the US. She came up with a clever way to get kids interested in exercise – Phresh yoga mats. These mats come covered in a “map” of symbols that relate to 108 different positions. […]

Fri 03.22

Easy Flossing: Clean Sweep

My tots go to the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings just like they’re supposed to, and in spite of following all of the rules, they still somehow get cavities. They brush and use fluoride mouthwash regularly, but we don’t floss enough, so I’m making a more concerted effort than ever to get […]

Mon 12.17

Boys Gift Guide for Every Age: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Age 1: Train Even the tiniest of tots love trains – anything on wheels, really (simply put, girls like things with faces and boys like things that roll). This Melissa & Doug animal train set keeps everything nice and tidy on one looped track, but I’m sure your little one will take on the color-outside-of-the-lines […]

Wed 10.31

All You Need is Love: The Importance of a Mother’s Love

If you’re reading Tot Snob, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re providing a world of love for your tots (if cute clothes and awesome gear is anywhere near a major concern, the love is most certainly flowing in abundance in all areas!). A new report just came out on the Medical Daily claiming that […]

Mon 10.08

Tracy Anderson Method Pregnancy Project DVD Series

I always knew Tracy Anderson had a huge following, but it wasn’t until we ran a giveaway on Beauty Snob that I truly realized how much Anderson has impacted women around the world. I loved reading all of the readers’ comments and hearing their inspirational stories/lofty goals and so I was all the more excited […]

Fri 09.28

Milly Minis Event at Milly Tomorrow:

There’s a fun event taking part tomorrow for all the Tot Snob’s at Milly’s Madison Avenue boutique. Milly and Bitsy’s Brainfood are hosting a morning full of learning to “be smart, eat smart.”  Bitsy’s Brainfood, the world’s first smart snacks for kids, will serve up a fun interactive lesson on healthy back-to-school habits.  The little ones will […]

Thu 07.19

Belly Armor Belly Blanket: Reduce the Rays

When it comes to the safety of tots always go with the policy, Better safe than sorry. We are well aware of the harmful rays of our constant cell phone use, not to mention, wifi and whatever other rays that’s swirling around us. I can’t get off my phone (on it right now typing this!) […]

Tue 06.19

FDA Says, NO Spray Sunscreens

With the summer in full swing, FDA issues a warning against using spray on sunscreens siting hazards from the inhalation of the fumes. We all love the ease of a spray on sunscreen but for now precautions are being made to ensure the safety of our children. If all you have is the spray type […]