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Mon 07.01
Nuna Zaaz High Chair

Nuna Zaaz High Chair: Bringing Up Baby

After safety, we tend to choose a high chair based on one thing – how it looks in our dining room. Should it to coordinate with the décor, or do you prefer a cutesy baby style? Nuna’s Zaaz high chair looks very modern, which isn’t my thing, but the minimal lines and super functional design are what matters.

Mon 02.11

Florence Eiseman Outfits: Watermelon Season

I have the sweetest memory of my babies wearing watermelon outfits in the summertime, with their pudgy little tummies looking like mini watermelons themselves. Summer is of course the season for this sweet treat, so welcome in the warmth with some refreshing fruit and a wardrobe to suit! Florence Eiseman is all about this idea. […]

Wed 10.03

Boppy Travel Pillow: Travel in Style and Comfort

Generally, I prefer My Brest Friend Pillow for breast-feeding; it has more support but it is such a large pillow that it is not easily transportable. At least not without a giant overnight bag. The Boppy pillow is a great alternative, and it also multi-tasks as an infant chair! And this one fold up when […]

Fri 09.28

Prince Lionheart 3-in-1 Universal Organizer: Balancing Act

Now that my tots have grown out of baby things, I can really appreciate products that serve a purpose after the baby phase and my garage can really use the space all those retired things would be taking up. When your baby is still a baby, your mind is completely occupied by the fact that […]

Tue 09.18

Light My Fire Spork: All For One, One For All

This is more than a spork, this has spoon, fork and knife! Well, the knife is probably not going to cut through your Porterhouse but it serves a purpose. These were intended to be used for camping but they are the perfect utensils for tots whether at home or packed in their lunch. They are […]

Wed 07.25

Steribottle Ready-to-Use Disposable Baby Bottles: Stow and Throw

One of the biggest challenges when traveling with babies is dealing with bottle washing, especially if you’re staying in hotels – you need all the cleaning supplies, plus a drying rack, and frankly, it’s all annoying. Steribottle Ready-to-Use Disposable baby ottles may just save your sanity. Even if you’re just on a long day jaunt, […]

Fri 03.02

Fred and Friends Store-M’s: Stack ‘n’ Store

I seem to buy more Tupperware and storage systems than groceries (ironic, huh?), but somehow they keep going missing. If they don’t completely disappear, I end up with tops and bottoms that never match – you know how it is! This set of three nesting containers makes sense for reducing storage space – and keeping […]

Mon 02.20

EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers: Bueno Bento

I feel like I’ve purchased every conceivable lunch box system in the world: from bento boxes to Tupperware containers, my kitchen is consumed with countless lids and pieces. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is in the morning to pack lunch when I’m already late (I’m late as soon as I wake up every […]

Wed 02.01

Gyro Bowl Spill Resistant Bowl: Spill-Proof, Not Kid-Proof

The Gyro Bowl may be advertised as “spill-proof,” but anyone with tots will tell you, if they want to spill something, they will! This is not some sort of Harry Potter magic bowl with a force field keeping all contents inside. It’s a bowl that sits inside a gyroscopic rim, allowing it to rotate and […]